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Review and hire applicants
Review and hire applicants

Complete the hiring process by reviewing all candidates, rejecting unsuccessful applications, and welcoming new hires.

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Collect applications for a new role, progress them through the hiring stages, and onboard the right candidate straight into your Workforce account.

This feature is available for users who have enabled Workforce HR.


To ensure you can complete the entire Workforce Hire process, ensure you have the following permissions enabled through Settings > All Settings > Permissions > Show Advanced Settings > Customise access & roles here.

To view and progress applications, ensure these permissions are enabled:

To hire and onboard an applicant, ensure these permissions are also enabled:

Access applications

As candidates submit their applications, you'll be notified via emails from

Applications for all job ads can be viewed on the Overview page under the Hire tab.

Applications for specific job ads can be viewed by clicking on the job ad on the Overview page.

View application details

Each application will include the applicant's details, whether they've answered the screening questions, and a link to attached resumes.

To view the full details, click on the applicant's name.

To view the full details, answers to screening questions, and working rights, click on the applicant's name.

Add notes

On each application, you can leave an internal note visible to other staff with the permissions to view applicants. Applicants will not be able to access these notes.

To leave a note, open the applicant's full details and click the Add a note button.

Update an application's status

Keep tabs on a candidate's progress internally by adjusting the status of the application. Candidates will not be notified of these internal changes to their status until you Hire & Onboard them.

The status can be changed by clicking the three dots against each candidate.

Progress an application

A candidate's application can be progressed to the following stages:

  • Shortlisted

  • Interviewed

  • Reference Check Required

  • Offered

  • Hired

  • Rejected

You can move applications between stages freely, and can move them back to a previous stage when required. Applications will be grouped together based on their status.

Important to note: Other than 'Rejected', moving an application between stages will not trigger any additional actions - they are solely for internal communication.

If a candidate is successful and they're being hired, ensure you're using the Hire & Onboard button to make use of Workforce onboarding.

Reject an application

Ensure you're communicating with any unsuccessful candidates when their application is not progressing.

To reject an application, update their status to Move to Rejected through the three dots next to their application.

You'll be prompted to confirm the action via a popup. This action will send an Application Rejected email to the candidate.

All rejected applications for the job are kept under the toggle menu. You'll have the option to move the application back to the applicant pool if required, however the candidate will not be notified of this change.

Hire & onboard staff

Workforce Hire is designed to seamlessly link to Workforce's onboarding feature. If you do not use Workforce's onboarding feature, you can keep track of hired candidates by updating an application's status.

If you use Workforce onboarding, invite successful applicants straight through to your Workforce account by clicking the Hire & Onboard button.

Enter employee details

To begin the Hire & Onboard process, start by filling in the Employee Details. Some items on this page will update based on the details the candidate has already provided, such as name, email, and date of birth.

If you selected a Position when creating the job ad, any teams, contracts, documents, and qualifications associated to it will also be automatically populated.

Finalise contracts

If you've selected to attach any contracts when onboarding the candidate, you'll have the opportunity to review them on the Finalise Contracts page. If no contracts are being sent, you'll continue to the final step.

On this page, you can:

  • Enter employee address

  • Set pay conditions

  • Review contracts

If you're onboarding using a Position, some of these fields will be pre-populated. Any fields that aren't pre-populated by a position can be edited on this page.

Some details are used as Dynamic Fields in a contract. Once you've finalised the employee's address and pay conditions, click the corresponding Apply to Contracts button to insert these details into the contract. Once complete continue with the Review button.

Confirm and onboard

Finalise the onboarding process on the Confirm & Onboard tab. Here, you'll be prompted to review details you've entered. Once all details have been confirmed, click the Invite to Onboarding button.

The new employee will receive an invitation to onboard in Workforce. Learn more about this process in the Completing Employee Onboarding guide.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

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