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Workforce Hire explained
Workforce Hire explained

Learn about Workforce's recruiting tool and how you can streamline the onboarding process in your business.

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You can now manage the recruitment process for your business through Workforce Hire, the built-in hiring and applicant tracking system. This feature is built directly into your Workforce account and allows you to post job ads, review applicants, and send onboarding invitations to successful candidates.

This feature is available for users who have enabled Workforce HR.

How it works

Built directly into your Workforce account, Workforce Hire simplifies the process of hiring, onboarding, and rostering staff into a single system.

1️⃣ Start by designing your job ad, including the title, location, and rate of pay.

2️⃣ Post the job ad to your public job board via Workforce or print out a QR code to display in your business.

3️⃣ Candidates can attach their resume, answer any screening questions, and leave comments when applying.

4️⃣ Review the candidates and send the successful ones an onboarding invitation

You'll retain a list of all applicants for any role vacancies in the future.

Enable the recruiting tool

Once you've enabled the Workforce HR add-on in your account, access your job ads and settings through the Hire tab in your account.

By default, only admins in your account can access the Hire feature. Manage permissions through Settings > All Settings > Permissions > Show Advanced Settings > Customise access & roles here. Toggle settings under the Hire section

Getting started

Once enabled in your account, get started by configuring your Hire settings.

The following fields can be configured:

  • Company name

  • Company logo (optional)

  • Company description (optional)

  • Default questions (optional - these can also be customised for individual job ads)

  • Application form fields (optional - default fields that we will request candidates populate)

📝 Important to note: The information configured on your Hire Settings page will be publicly accessible to candidates. Ensure only relevant content is included.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

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