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Send an Employee Onboarding Invitation
Send an Employee Onboarding Invitation

Automate the collection of personal, bank, tax file number details for new employees.

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Looking to streamline your hiring process too? Workforce Hire is our new applicant tracking system where you can create job ads, compile applications and resumes, and link straight into Workforce's Employee Onboarding.

Employee Onboarding is the fastest way to collect payroll information for new employees. Employee onboarding collects the below forms:

  • Personal details (name, email, phone number, address, date of birth, legal gender)

  • Emergency contact details

  • Bank details (see the FAQs for what we capture)

  • Tax declaration

You can customise your employee onboarding setup to include additional documents and questions.

How it works

Once you have made an offer of employment, add the employee to using paperless onboarding to send onboarding forms to the employee's email address. For payroll systems, you will receive a completion report with the completed details.

To see an example from an employee's perspective, see the Employee Onboarding landing page.

Invite new employees to complete onboarding

Navigate to Workforce > Employee Onboarding > Onboard New Staff.

Enter the employee's first and last name, email, and phone (optional) then select which teams they will work in. You also have the option to upload the employee's employment contract and select a document bundle. Then select Send Invite.

💡 Tip: As you will be collecting employment related documentation, it's important to invite employees using their correct legal name.

Once the employee has completed onboarding

Upon completion of their details, the employee will be sent a confirmation email with a link to view their profile in You will also receive a confirmation via email which will outline the next steps to be taken to complete the setup for this employee.

This information will be available via Workforce > Staff on the employee's profile under the Onboarding tab.

Confirm employee onboarding has been pushed to payroll system

Once the information has been pushed to payroll, the following message will appear on the employee’s profile under the Onboarding tab:

Can I download a CSV of the onboarding data?

Yes, this can also be used as a way of extracting the data to then be imported into other payroll systems.. Through the standard staff export you can export most onboarding details from the onboarding tab on the employee profile.

To do this: Workforce > Staff > Tools > Export > Export data (CSV)

Customise employee onboarding

You can customise onboarding to your needs by including forms, custom questions and by attaching employee contracts to the form.

Send employment contracts

Before staff complete their onboarding, you can request they read and agree to the terms of an employment contract. Use a contract template for multiple new employees and have the specific details automatically populate per employee. Learn more in the Create a Contract Template guide.

When sending contracts through employee onboarding, you can also enable the setting Signed Contract Required Before Onboarding that requires staff to agree to the contract prior to them entering their details. Learn more about this setting in the Send Contracts guide.

Send documents and policies

PDF documents up to 5MB can be uploaded to Workforce to then share with employees during onboarding. Sort multiple documents into bundles to speed up the process, and record employee agreement to the policies in Workforce. Learn more about documents in the Documents and Document Bundles guide.

Add additional onboarding questions

Use the Onboarding Questions tab to include more questions for new starters to answer, such as uniform sizes or license numbers.

Staff will be required to acknowledge all forms and answer all questions before they are able to submit onboarding.

Request employees upload documents during onboarding

You can require documentation to be provided from staff during onboarding through the use of the Qualifications feature, which allows you to track and manage important documents, qualifications, and proficiencies for your employees.

Please see our guide HERE on how to collect documentation from employees during onboarding as you will need to ensure your account is configured properly.

Configure which roles can send onboarding invitations

By default users with Admin, Payroll Officer, General Manager or Team Manager permissions can send onboarding invitations.

If a Team Manager adds a new employee, Admins will be notified via email and the new employee will automatically be added to the Teams that the Team Manager is assigned to.

If a user with Admin permission adds a new employee, only that user will receive notifications.

You are able to customise these permissions via Settings > All Settings > Permissions. Scroll to the bottom and open Show Advanced Settings > Customise access & roles here.

Select the relevant permission, and navigate to 'Create' under the Employee Permissions.

View onboarding history

You can use the Onboarding History section to monitor sent onboarding invite statuses/completions:

FAQs and Troubleshooting

Can I use this for my existing staff?

Onboarding can be used for existing staff in a particular set of circumstances:

  • If an employee has been added manually and has an email address in, you can send the employee an Onboarding invitation. The information they enter will then be appended to their existing profile.

  • If you see this on an employee’s profile, it means they can be onboarded even though they have an existing staff profile:

What happens when I want to change the Onboarding details for my staff?

Once Onboarding is completed and staff have been pushed to payroll any details in the Onboarding tab will be locked from editing.

What bank details do we capture during onboarding?

  • For UK clients, we collect bank account name, sort code and account number.

  • For clients based in France, Italy, Ireland and the Netherlands, we collect IBAN and bank name.

What if I onboarded an employee with the incorrect email address?

If an employee has been onboarded with the wrong email address, you will need to unlink their profile and resend the onboarding to the correct email via:

  1. Go to Employee Profile > Personal > Personal Details

  2. At the top of the profile will be a box "Onboarding is in progress for Samantha Witters" > select View Onboarding

  3. You will be taken to the Employee Onboarding/Hire & Onboard page

  4. Go to Onboarding history > select the 3 dot icon next to the sent invitation > select Cancel

  5. Once you've canceled the invitation, navigate back to the employee's profile

  6. Select Remove Employee Access > Confirm on the confirmation pop-up

  7. This will unlink the employee profile to the incorrect email and allow you to update the email address

  8. At the top of the profile select Invite to Workforce to re-invite the employee

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