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Request Documentation from Employees During Onboarding
Request Documentation from Employees During Onboarding

Set which documents (qualifications) staff are required to provide during onboarding.

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You can require documentation to be provided from staff during onboarding through the use of Qualifications. The qualification feature allows you to track and manage important documents, qualifications, and proficiencies for your employees.

Ensure employees have access to upload Qualifications

Before employees can upload qualifications via onboarding the mobile app, you need to ensure that your account is configured currently via the following actions in your account:

  1. Enable Qualifications in Feature Management

  2. Allow staff to update qualifications in permission settings

  3. Ensure any custom roles have ability to 'edit' Qualifications

Set a qualification to require proof during onboarding

Not all qualifications will be required for users all of the time, however you can set a specific qualification to request proof during onboarding. This will allow you to select the qualification during the onboarding send process.

To set a qualification to require proof during onboarding:

  1. Go to Workforce > Qualifications

  2. Edit an existing document (qualification) via the pen icon or create a new one by selecting + New Document

  3. Tick the "Request proof of qualification during onboarding"

  4. Select the green button to Create new qualification or Update the qualification details

Send an onboarding invite and request Qualifications

To request a qualification during onboarding:

  1. Go to Workforce > Employee Onboarding > Onboarding New Staff

  2. Enter new staff information

  3. Under Attach Qualifications, select qualifications from dropdown menu

    1. Note: the dropdown menu only include qualifications that you have specified as required on the qualification itself. Learn how to set a qualification to be required during onboarding here.

Important: Employees must have permission to upload qualifications. See how to update employee permission here.

Add Qualifications to Positions

Any qualifications that are both assigned to a position & “required in onboarding” will always be requested, this allows you to automate more of the onboarding form and reduces extra work to send an onboarding invite.

Any Qualifications that are added to positions that are not required in onboarding will still show on the qualification tab as below, they will however not block progress or completion of onboarding if unfilled.

To find out more about configuring and using positions click here.

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