Create a Contract Template

Learn how to access and create contract templates for onboarding or changes to pay conditions

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Use templates to create contracts for common workplace scenarios, like new hires or promotions, and customize dynamic fields based on the recipient.

What's covered in this guide?

Access contract templates

To access existing contract templates or create a new template, navigate to the Contracts & Documents hub under the Workforce tab.

Create a new contract template

In the Contracts & Documents hub, use the + New Template button to create a new contract template.

Enter a Template name and select the template type to start, then begin populating the template.

Use the Save button at the bottom of the page once you've finished editing the template.

Dynamic fields

Dynamic fields act as placeholders in your contracts, and automatically populate based on the information entered in employee profiles and account settings. These placeholders allow you to use the same template for multiple employees, and automatically update the contents of the contract that are likely to change between staff, like name, hourly rate, or employment type.


Contract template:

How staff view the contract:

Dear {{name}},

Congratulations on the promotion to {{role}}. Your new rate of pay is ${{hourly_rate}}.

Dear Amy Smith,

Congratulations on the promotion to manager. Your new rate of pay is $25.60.

Learn more in the Dynamic Fields guide.

Text options

Text in your contract template can be formatted with:

  • Bolding

  • Italics

  • Strikethrough

  • URL links

  • Headings

  • Quote blocks

  • Code blocks

  • Bullet points

  • Numbered lists

If dynamic fields are formatted with any of the above, the formatting will also apply to the information that populates.

For example, the {{name}} field is bolded in the contract template, and is populated as below:




Can I add images/logos to contract templates?

Currently, images are not supported by the text editor, so images cannot be included in a contract template.

Can I download a contract template to my computer?

To save a copy of a template contract to your computer, use the Print button at the bottom of the template editor page.

On the print preview, change the destination to Save as PDF to download a copy to your computer.

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