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Report on Training Completion
Report on Training Completion
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This feature is available for users who have enabled Workforce HR.


Any staff that can view training can see their own results. Any managers that were involved in the completion of an employee's training can also see their results. By default, admin type roles can view all results for all training modules.

To adjust access, ensure the relevant permissions have been enabled through Settings > All Settings > Permissions > Customise access and roles here under the HR section.

Access training reports

Training results can be viewed once assigned training has been completed through HR > Training > Reports.

You can also quickly view a specific employee's completed training by accessing the HR section of their employee profile.

View results

You can quickly find results for specific training templates, employees, completion statuses or dates using the filters at the top of the Reports page.

On a specific employee's training, click the the View button to see their results.

From here, you can view details about their assigned training, including their:

  • Date and time of completion

  • The employee who it was assigned to

  • Any managers that were involved in the training

  • Status

You can also download a PDF copy of these results and details to easily keep them on hand for filing or auditing purposes. This PDF includes date and timestamps.


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