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Use Workforce's Training module to keep your employees up to date on how to correctly complete jobs within your business

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This feature is available for users who have enabled Workforce HR.

What is Training?

Training is Workforce's HR feature aimed at keeping staff up to date with expectations and processes for jobs and tasks to be completed around your business.

These will be kept on record on your account and can be reviewed by your team to ensure staff are fit to complete the job they're hired to do.

When should I use Training?

We recommend using the digital training feature in Workforce both when you're onboarding new staff and when you're upskilling your existing team into new positions. Some common scenarios include:

  • First day inductions

  • Training in a new role in the business, like a barista or retail assistant

  • Promoting staff to management positions and getting them familiar with additional responsibilities

  • Familiarising staff with new products or menus

  • Fire safety training

  • Food safety training

  • De-escalation training

How does Training work in Workforce HR?

Once you've enabled the Workforce HR add-on, you'll have access to create and assign common training scenarios.

First, you can design a training template and link any documents, files, or instructional videos to provide more context and familiarise staff with operations. Then, you can design a series of questions in the training module to test their understanding and make sure they're ready for the roster. Once ready, start training and upskilling your team by assigning them training modules.

If staff need a refresher, or results aren't up to scratch, training modules can easily be reassigned.

How can I access Training?

Training is available for accounts with Workforce HR enabled.

Once enabled, find Training under the HR tab in your Workforce account.

Start using Training

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