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Complete your Assigned Training
Complete your Assigned Training

Learn how to access and complete any training you've been assigned through the Workforce mobile app.

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This feature is available for users who have enabled Workforce HR.


By default, all employees can view and complete training templates that they've been assigned through the Workforce mobile app.

To adjust access, ensure the relevant permissions have been enabled through Settings > All Settings > Permissions > Customise access and roles here under the HR section.

Access assigned training

Once an employee has been assigned training, it will be visible on the Overview page of the Workforce mobile app.

Either click the Training button that appears on the Overview page to access it, or click your profile picture in the top right corner and find the Training option. Any previously completed training can be accessed here.

Complete training

To successfully complete your assigned training, you must answer, view, and complete any required questions, resources, and tasks.

Complete a Task by ticking the checkbox:

Answer Questions by selecting the correct answer, typing the correct answer, or submitting free text depending on the type of question:

View Video resources by clicking the play button on the video.

Download and view any attached Files by clicking the View attached files button.

Once finished, save your responses by clicking the Submit button.

View your results

If a manager is required to complete or confirm part of your training, you will see your results after they've done so. If manager confirmation is not required, you'll receive your results once training is completed.


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