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Create a Form Template
Create a Form Template
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This feature is available for users who have enabled Workforce HR.

Add Form Templates

To get started, navigate to HR > Forms > Form Templates. Then, click the + Create New Form Template button:

Next, add the following details to your Form:

  • Name - Staff will be able to see this when completing a form

  • Category - The reason for the form. Common examples are outlined here.

  • Active - Controls if users can access and complete this form. Uncheck if users should not have access yet.

  • Who can fill out this form? - Scopes the form to specific users. This is done via position titles and/ or Teams.

    • “And” will require the user to be in the selected position AND the team whereas using.

    • “Or” will only require them to be in either the Position OR the Team.

  • Description - information about what the form (including when to submit)

  • Notifications - Specify the Positions which should receive a notification when the forms are submitted

Add sections

Once you've created the From, group similar suggestions together by creating sections. Use the + Add Section button to create one.

Add a Name for the section. You can select "Make this section repeatable" which allows the employee completing the form to complete this section more than once.

In the example below, the Trip Details section has been set to repeatable allowing the employee to record multiple miles allowance tips within a single form. Click the Create button to create the section.

💡Tip: Sections can be dragged into a different order through the ≡ button.

Add Questions

Once you've added sections, questions can be added to the forms. Items are the individual tasks that employees will complete in the form.

To create a new question, click the + Add Question button under the relevant section.

When creating a question, you'll need to include the following details:

  • Name - The question name

  • Type - Specify how staff will answer the question

  • Required - Specify if the employee can skip the question

  • Add a file - Provides the user a file to access as part of the question

  • Description - Text displayed as a tooltip to the employee. Provides additional information as to how to answer the question.

Question types

When creating questions, the response fields employees use can be configured to:

  • Short Text - Basic text input

  • Number - Basic number input

  • Currency - Number input preceded by a ($) sign

  • Multiple Choice - Allows the selection of a predefined number of options

  • Checkbox - A single yes/no checkbox

  • Long Text - A larger text input for long-form responses

  • Date - A date selector field

  • Time - A time field

  • Date Time - Date & Time in a single field

  • Rating - Allows a simple 1-5 rating

  • Number Slider - Lets staff enter a value along a number slider

  • Signature - Adds a sign here field to the form

  • File Upload - Allows the user to upload a .pdf or .jpg file

  • Photo Upload - Requires the user to take a photo


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