Completing a Form

Learn how to complete a form via the app

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This feature is available for users who have enabled Workforce HR.


To view and action a form, ensure the View permission under form has been enabled on employee profiles.

Access forms in the app

Once the relevant permission has been enabled, and the staff member has completed onboarding, they can access forms from their settings page.

Note: Currently, forms can only be completed through the Workforce Mobile App.

This will show any currently completed forms, a new form can be created by selecting + New Form button and selecting the form you wish to fill out.

Complete Questions

When you create a new form you will be prompted to complete the questions in the form. Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Be sure to save each answer as you go.

There are several types of fields available in forms some examples are listed below:

  • Short text - You need to enter numbers or Text.

  • Multiple Choice - Allows the selection of a predefined number of options

  • Checkbox - A single yes/no checkbox

  • Date & Time - Date & Time input

  • Rating - Allows a simple 1-5 rating.

  • Number Slider - Allows a 0-100 value.

  • Signature - Draw your signature.

  • File Upload - upload a .pdf or .jpg file

  • Photo Upload - Take an image as directed to upload.

Sections are used in forms to group similar/related questions. Some forms migh feature a repeat section button. Clicking this will duplicate that section allowing you to provide unlimited responses as required.

Once you have completed the form, check you have responded to every question, then click the Submit button. If there are any missing questions you will receive an alert, you will need to address these issues before the form will be submitted.

You can access forms you have Started as well as forms you have Submitted from the Forms tab in your app. You can jump back into forms with the “started" status whereas submitted forms will be read-only.


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