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Send Performance Reviews

Learn how to assign, automate, complete and view performance reviews.

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This feature is available for users who have enabled Workforce HR.

Starting a Performance Review

Performance reviews can be initiated by either:

  • Manually assigning a performance review

  • Automatically scheduling a performance review

Manually Assign a Performance Review

To manually assign a performance review:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Templates tab under HR > Performance Reviews

  2. Click Fill next to the relevant template

  3. Select the Employee you are completing the review for and click Create

  4. Select the reviewing manager and date the review will be completed

  5. Click create

Once you've clicked create, the relevant staff will be notified:

  • If questions can be answered by the employee, they'll receive an email

  • If questions can be answered by the manager, they'll receive an email

  • If questions can be answered by both, they'll both receive an email

Automatically Schedule Performance Reviews

Rather than manually assigning common reviews, such as probation meetings, you can configure these to trigger automatically at relevant times. This is done with Automations.

To set up an automation workflow:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Template page through HR > Performance Reviews

  2. Click the โ‹ฎ icon on the relevant template and select Automations from the list

  3. On the Automations page, click + Add Automation

  4. On the pop-up, specify:

    1. Who the automation applies to (either all staff, specific positions or specific teams)

    2. When they should be assigned the performance review (number of days after their employment start date)

    3. When they should be notified about an upcoming review (number of days)

  5. Click Create to save the automation

Accessing a performance review

When a performance review has been issued to complete, the relevant staff and manager will be notified via email. This notification will provide the name of the performance review template and the due date.

In the Workforce mobile app, employees and managers will see a notification of any pending performance reviews on the Overview page.

From here, they can view any in progress and completed reviews.

Completing a Performance Review

Once the performance review becomes available, staff can complete it in the Workforce mobile app.

To complete a performance review:

  1. Select the relevant review in the mobile app

  2. Click the Fill Review button to start

  3. Answer all required questions and click Save after each one

  4. Once complete, click the Submit button

Once the employee has completed their performance review, the review will remain as 'pending' until the manager has also completed it.

Important to note: Employees and managers will be able to see all details in the Performance Review Information section, including who assigned the review, the manager assigned, and the average scores from any ratings.

Access Completed Reviews

Pending or completed performance reviews can be accessed through HR > Performance Reviews.

To find specific reviews, you can filter the list. The list can be filtered by:

  • Employee

  • Template

  • Status

  • Start Date

  • End Date

To view individual results, click View next to the relevant performance review.


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