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Create a Performance Review Template
Create a Performance Review Template

Learn how to create Performance Reviews Templates, Pages, and Questions.

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This feature is available for users who have enabled Workforce HR.


By default, performance review templates can only be created, edited, and deleted by Admin type roles.

To adjust access for other roles, ensure the relevant permissions have been enabled through Settings > All Settings > Permissions > Customise access and roles here under the HR section.

Add Performance Review Template details

To get started, navigate to HR > Performance Reviews and select the Manage Templates tab. Then, click the + Add Template button.

Next, add the following details to your Template:

  • Name - Identifies the template

  • Review Type - Select either Performance Assessment or 1:1 Conversation

  • Status - Determines if the Template can be sent to staff to complete

  • Description - Provides more information on the Template.

Once all details have been entered, click the Create button.

Add Pages

Once you've added Template details, group similar questions together by adding pages. Use the + Add Page button to create one.

Add a Name for the Page and click the Create button. Additionally you can click the Reference dropdown to include a file and description.

Questions and pages can be dragged into a different order by clicking and dragging the ≑ button.

Add Questions

Once you've added Pages, questions can be added to the template.

To create a new item, click the + Add Question button under the relevant page.

When creating a question, you'll need to include the following details:

  • Name - the question on the review

  • Type - specify how the question is responded to (either text or ratings)

  • Required - specify if the question can be skipped

  • Applies to - specifies if the question is for employees or managers to answer (or both)

Reference files (such as long-form instructions) and longer descriptions can also be included for each question. Once finalised, click the Create button.

Question types

When creating Questions, they can be marked as one of either a Text Area, Rating Scale or Rating

Text Area

This question is completed by responding in text.

Rating Scale

Allows the selection of a pre-defined response. These options can be configured in HR > Performance Reviews > Rating Scales.


A 1-5 Star rating.

Save the template

Once you've finished adding all questions, create your template by clicking the Save button.


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