Setting up/Viewing Accruals

A guide on managing leave accruals in Workforce

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Accruals are set up in the leave type configuration. To access this, go to compliance > leave types and click on the leave type you wish to accrue.

Firstly, select the staff this should apply to using classification tags:

The accruals are set up in step 3 (Balance configuration).

You will need to enable the balance configuration and click the ‘leave balance accrues’ option. You will be prompted to enter the leave accrual rate below (how many hours accrued per hour worked).

Once you save the changes, all approved shifts for the affected users will now accrue leave.

Viewing Staff's Accruals

To see how many hours each staff member has accrued, you can see this on the leave balance report by going to reports > Leave balance report.

This report shows a full view on each user's balances, leave taken and leave accrued.

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