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Recalculating leave balances per employee
Recalculating leave balances per employee

Recalculate Leave Balances for individual employees via the employee profile

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If your leave balances in become incorrect, reset your balances by doing one of the following:

If you accrue leave in your payroll software: Ensure the balance is correct in your payroll software before importing a CSV file containing the correct leave balances to If you have a payroll integration that automatically syncs leave balances - you won't need to import the balances, just update the balance in your payroll software and the balance will update in the next time your integration syncs data

If you only accrue leave in Use the recalculate leave tool described below in this article to recalculate the balance. Alternatively, you can also import balances using a CSV file.

How it works

The recalculate leave tool performs a leave balance calculation based on the available information in The recalculation does the below:

  • Deducts any approved leave from the 'Correct at Date'

  • Accrues leave from approved shifts from the 'Correct at Date'

  • Replaces the users existing balance with the recalculated amount

To recalculate a balance for an individual employee, navigate to their staff profile and click Leave Requests.

Click the 'Recalculate Leave' button to bring up the below form:

The form requires the following information:

Leave Type: The 'Leave Type' to recalculate balances for

Incoming Balance: The Starting Balance or (total) entitlement

Correct at Date: The date in which the Starting balance is/was correct at

When pressing the 'Recalculate Leave' button, the recalculation will:

  • Recalculate Leave for the selected 'Leave Type'

  • Use the 'Correct at Date' as the balance starting date and deduct any approved leave from this date

  • Use the 'Correct at Date' as the balance starting date add any accrued leave from approved shifts from this date

  • Observe adjustments made to the leave type (e.g accrual rate) and include these in the recalculation from the 'Correct at' date

  • Replace the users existing balance with the recalculated amount

Please note:

  • The 'Recalculate Leave' button will not display for Leave Balances that are managed in Payroll Systems

  • An employee must hold a balance of the Leave Type to be able to initiate a recalculation.

Recalculations made through the employee profile cannot be undone. However, the recalculation will be recorded on the Leave Balance Audit Trail as a Modification made by the user who initiated the recalculation.

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