Set Up Annual/Holiday Leave

Set up your annual or holiday leave for staff and view accruals.

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This guide outlines how to create and/or configure your leave types so that staff leave can either be accrued or deducted from a balance.

*UK/EMEA Customers*

Please see the following help guides for more specific instructions on how to configure your leave:

Configure a Leave type

To set up annual/holiday leave accruals, go to:

US: Time & Attendance > Compliance > Leave types (Manage)

UK: Time & Attendance > Leave > Leave Types > Leave types (Manage)

Once in Leave types, select the leave type you wish to configure. By default, Holiday / Annual Leave is already included in your account.

Next, select the staff this should apply to using classification tags:

The accruals are set up in step 3 (Balance configuration).

Set to leave type to accrue or deduct

Holiday/annual leave can be set to accrue or deduct from a balance, depending on if it applies to salaried or hourly employees.

Accrued Leave

Select ‘leave balance accrues’ option and enter the leave accrual rate below (how many hours accrued per hour worked).

Leave that deducts from a balance

Select 'leave balance deducts from a Starting Balance' and enter the Starting Balance Entitlement.

Once you save the changes, all approved shifts for the affected users will now accrue leave.

View staff leave balances

You can view an employee's leave balance via:

  1. Employee Profile

  2. Leave Balance Report

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