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Employee Self Service (UK)

How employees can update their profile, qualifications and more on the Workforce app.

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This help guide covers:

Enabling employee self-service:

The Employee Self-Service feature must be enabled by an account admin through Settings > Feature Management to allow employees to make changes to their profile on the app.

Employees who utilise the Self Service feature cannot then be onboarded via Workforce. When information is added or updated through Employee Self-Service, the changes will be reflected in the Onboarding tab of staff profiles on Workforce's web app.

Important: Currently, fields that are added or updated via Employee Self-Service will need to be manually updated in your payroll software. Admins and Payroll Officers will be prompted to make these updates when they're alerted to a change via email notifications.

This is the list of fields that can be added/edited using the Employee self-service feature:

  • Phone number

  • Home address

  • Emergency Contact

  • Bank details

  • Tax declaration

  • Qualifications

Managing email update notifications:

By default, all changes an employee makes to their profile will notify account Admins, Payroll Officers, and the Employee through an email notification.

In these emails, Admins and Payroll Officers will be prompted to make any relevant manual updates to staff profiles in their payroll software.

Admins and Payroll Officers can manage these email notifications through their Profile > My Notifications on Workforce desktop. Employees will always receive a confirmation email when a change is made to their profile through Employee Self-Service.

Tracking changes with the Self-Service Dashboard:

Make use of the Self Service Dashboard to track changes made by your staff, and communicate internally what details require updating or have already been updated in your payroll software, HMRC, or pension fund.

The dashboard can be accessed through the Workforce tab in your account, and will automatically be available if Employee Self-Service is enabled.

When an employee makes changes to their details, it'll appear in the To be actioned section. Tick the checkboxes as you update the details in your payroll system, with the tax office, or the superannuation fund, then select the Action Changes button to move the update to the Actioned screen.

From here, others with access to the dashboard will be able to see

  • What fields were updated

  • Who updated them

  • When they were updated

Updating details:

For staff that already have their contact and bank details entered into Workforce, either through onboarding or adding via Employee Self-Service, they are able to make changes when necessary.

When information is changed via the app, the Onboarding tab on their desktop profile will be automatically updated to reflect the new information. Currently, these updates will need to be manually changed in your payroll software.

Contact Number:

Staff are able to add their contact number if one isn't already associated with their profile under the Personal Details tab in their profile. With a contact number entered, managers will be able to contact staff from the app.

Once on this page, click the pencil icon in the corner of the box, then the green Update box when you've finished entering your details.


An address can be added to an employee's profile under the Personal Details tab on their profile page.

Under the "Add your address" option, fill out the below fields:

  • Street line one

  • Street line two (optional)

  • City

  • County

  • Country

  • Postcode

Enter the relevant address fields, then select the green Update button to save the changes.

Emergency contact

To add an emergency contact, staff can navigate to the Personal Details tab of their profile page of the mobile app.

Next, select the option to Add your emergency contact. They'll need to enter the following details to this field:

  • The full name of the emergency contact

  • Their contact number

  • Their relationship to the emergency contact (parent, spouse etc.)

Once these fields have been entered, click the green update button to add the contact.

Bank details

If an employee wasn't onboarded using Workforce, have them enter their bank details using the Employee Self Service under the Bank Acct. & Payroll tab of the profile page on the app.

Selecting the +Add button in the top right corner of the page will open the following bank account fields to enter:

  • Account name

  • Account number

  • Sort Code

Tax declaration

Employees can fill out a tax declaration if not already collected through onboarding under the Tax Declaration tab of the mobile app.

On this page, staff will need to add the following information:

  • National Insurance Number

  • Employment Status

    • Employee to declare their status for tax purposes

  • Student Loan Plan (if applicable)


Staff can add a qualification that exists in your account, but not currently active on their profile, through the Qualifications option on the mobile app profile page.

After selecting the +Add option in the top right corner, the available qualifications to add will appear in Qualification type menu. From here, staff will need to entr:

  • The license/reference number

  • The expiry date

  • Attachments relevant to the qualification

New qualifications will require manager approval before being active in staff profiles. Until then, the status of the qualification will appear as Approval pending.

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