Leave Blackouts

A guide on how to block staff from taking leave in a certain time period.

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You have the ability to limit the number of staff on leave on specific days within the roster/rota. This will help to reduce labour shortages and ensure you're sufficiently staffed.

How it works

When you set a limit for the number of staff on leave on a specific day, the number is considering approved leave requests.

For example, your limit is 2 leave requests for an upcoming Saturday. You have already approved two leave requests for that Saturday. A 3rd staff member submits a leave request for that day; they will not be allowed to submit a leave request

Set a limit on leave requests

To set a limit leave requests, you must create an event for the specific day/dates. To create an event, navigate to your rota and select Events & Comments:

Select + Add new event:

Add event name, select locations, and set day/dates. To limit the number of leave requests, tick Prevent staff from taking leave box which will allow you to edit:

  • Maximum number of requests

  • Leave type (under 'Applies to')

Make sure to finish by hitting the Add new event button!

What do employees see?

When the limit has been reached, any employee who attempts to submit leave through the mobile app will see an error message and will not be able to process the request:

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