Vacant Shift Claiming

Offer vacant shifts to employees or allow employees to find shift replacements.

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Vacant Shift Claiming saves time finding an available staff member by offering a shift to all available employees.

You can use vacant shift claiming as part of your usual scheduling process, or use it to find a replacement for a single shift.

How it works

When a vacant shift is published by a manager, employees who meet the requirements* are notified of the available shift on their mobile app. Then, either:

  • The first employee to 'claim' the vacant shift will be automatically allocated to the shift on the schedule

  • If you set vacant shift claiming to require manager approval, a manager can select the most appropriate employee out of all shift claims

*The Vacant shift claiming feature considers the location/ team an employee can work and potential clashes with published scheduled shifts/ approved leave requests for that day.

Turn on Vacant Shift Claiming

The vacant shift claiming feature is optional, by default it is turned off. To turn on the vacant shift claiming feature, follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to in a web browser at

  2. Navigate to Settings > Rota > Vacant Shift Claiming

  3. Select Enable vacant shift claiming

  4. (optional) if you would like managers to approve shift replacement requests, select Vacant shift claiming requires manager approval

How employees can claim a vacant shift

Employees claim vacant shifts on their mobile app. Employees will be notified of an available vacant shift via a push notification on their mobile phone.

Vacant Shifts for claiming will appear in Pick up shifts:

Vacant shifts for that week will be displayed. Each day shows the number of vacant shifts available. To view vacant shifts for the upcoming week, staff can click on Next Week at the top.

To view details of a vacant shift, staff can select the dropdown arrow on a specific day. Here employees can view details of the shift, including:

  • start time

  • finish time

  • total shift hours

  • pay

  • team

  • location

They must select Offer to Cover button to offer to claim the shift, which will ask the employee to confirm the action:

Once claimed, the shift will be added to their mobile app and the schedule will update with the claimers details:

Select which employee can cover a shift

If you'd like to be able to select the most appropriate employee for a shift, you can set a vacant shift claims to require manager approval. This will cause a vacant shift to have offers from multiple employees where the manager can then select the most appropriate employee for the shift.

To enable, go to Settings > All Settings > Rotas > Vacant Shift Claiming > 'Vacant shift claiming requires manager approval':

If shift claiming does not require manager approval, the shift will go to the first employee claim.

Manage vacant shift claims on mobile

Create a Vacant Shift for claiming

Navigate to Shifts > Team rota > + button to create a vacant shift for the future (you can also select the + Add a shift button):

Set the date, hours, and team for the shift. Under User, select Vacant from the dropdown:

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Then select ✓ Publish Shift:

Offer an existing shift for claiming

Managers can initiate a shift replacement on behalf of an employee by selecting the team member's shift through the Action button > View Schedule tile and finding the relevant shift on the Team Schedule tab. Once the shift has been selected, select the green 'Request replacement' button.

Managers have the choice to offer the shift to all available team members or specific team members. However, if an employee (or manager on an employee's behalf) requests a shift replacement within 3 days of the scheduled start time, it will be offered to all eligible staff by default.

Approve applicants

Navigate to Manage replacements & claims from the Overview section of the app:

Click on Vacant Shift Claims tab and click the team and location you'd like to manage vacant shift claims for:

If there have been any shift claims from employees, you will see a "Needs Approval" notification above the specific shift:

Click the shift to see claims. You will be taken to Manage request where you can view the shift details. Click Good Fits or Other Applicants to see employees who have offered to claim the shift.

A good fit is someone who is:

  • available,

  • works in the same team,

  • and will cost the same (or less)

Select desired employee > select Approve Cover:

Remind staff

Navigate to Manage replacements & claims from the Overview section of the app:

Select the Vacant Shift Claims tab at the top. Click the team and location you'd like to manage vacant shift claims for, then click the date of the shift you'd like to manage:

Once in the shift, you can select the Remind Staff button which will send a reminder to all staff:

Manage Vacant Shift Claims on desktop

Create a vacant shift for claiming

When you are building your schedule, you may have a vacant shift that you'd like to offer to staff for claiming when you publish the schedule. You may do so via the following steps:

  1. Add Vacant Shifts to the schedule, ensuring that a team, start time and finish time are all added.

  2. Once you're ready to publish the schedule, go to 'Review and Publish'

  3. Check the box for 'Publish Vacant Shifts (Shift Claiming)':

  4. Review 'Claimable Shifts' prior to publishing:

  5. Continue the publishing schedule workflow

Approve applicants

Within the Rota, select Tools > Shift Claiming:

A new window will pop up taking you to the Shift Claiming dashboard. Click Select Replacement button for the desired shift:

Select the desired employee who's offered to cover the shift and click Update Rota:

Remind staff

Within the Rota, select Tools > Shift Claiming:

A new window will pop up taking you to the Shift Claiming dashboard. Click Remind Staff:

FAQs and Troubleshooting

How can I identify if a 'Vacant Shift' has been broadcasted successfully?

'Vacant Shifts' which have been broadcasted but not yet claimed, will have a blue indicator on the shift card:

Once claimed, the indicator will change color to green:

How will I know if a shift claim conflicts with my organisation's scheduling rules?

Employees will not be able to claim shifts that would've caused warnings or blockings to a similar roster/schedule. Any validations set to 'warn' will be visible on the offers to cover.

Can an employee claim a shift on the web-app (desktop) version?

No, 'Vacant Shifts' can only be claimed on the mobile app.

How close to the start time of a shift can a 'Vacant Shift' be published?

The start time of a 'Vacant Shift' must be more than 1 hour away to be published.

Can employees claim shifts in team/s they're not in?

No, employees can only claim shifts in teams that they are in.

Is a manager required to approve a claimed vacant shift?

You can choose whether or not vacant shift claiming requires manager approval. If you require manager approval, you will be able to select the employee you'd like to cover. If you do not require manager approval, Vacant Shifts will be claimed on a first-come, first-served basis.

To configure manager approval, see Settings > All Settings > Rotas > Vacant Shift Claiming.

Why am I not receiving notifications?

To receive notifications you need to be a Team Manager in your employee settings, and be assigned to the relevant teams. Check that you haven’t turned notifications off for the App.

If a Team Manager hasn't logged into or used the app in the last 14 days, they will receive email notifications of shift replacement requests instead of app push notifications.

What if I don’t want my staff to access this feature?

You can turn the feature off in settings if you prefer to manually manage swaps between your staff.

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