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"Temporary Staff" for an Organisation
"Temporary Staff" for an Organisation

Use Workforce to schedule and manage Temporary Staff who may work at your organisation.

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For organisations in industries which are impacted by labour shortages, employers may look to hire 'Temporary Staff' to cover shifts due to the increased labour needs. Workforce's "Temporary Staff" feature allows management teams to utilise Workforce to manage Temporary Staff who are not directly employed by the organisation.


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What functions can a "Temporary Staff" do in the Organisation?

An employee who has a "Temporary Staff" permission has similar permissions and access within Workforce as an "Employee". Therefore "Temporary Staff" can perform functions critical to their role, such as:

  • View their "Schedule/Rota"

  • Claim "Vacant Shifts"

  • View "Timesheets"

  • Answer "Shift Questions"

  • Upload "Qualifications"

  • Cover a vacant shift or another employee's shift via "Shift Replacements"

  • Clock-in and Clock-out

What are the restrictions for "Temporary Staff"?

Temporary Staff have cannot perform certain functions in Workforce, which a permanent employee can do. The restrictions for Temporary Staff are:

  • Communications: Temporary Staff cannot receive or view announcements made via "Communications"

  • Leave and Unavailability: Temporary staff cannot request Leave or unavailability through Workforce

  • Shift Replacement: Temporary staff cannot request a replacement of a shift, however they are able to cover another employee's shift which has been requested for cover

  • Timesheets: Temporary Staff Timesheets cannot be exported to payroll systems, but can be downloaded to Excel via the "Download to Excel" function for reporting purposes.

How to enable "Temporary Staff" for your Organisation

To enable* "Temporary Staff" for your organisation, navigate to 'Settings' > 'Feature Management' > Enable 'Temporary Staff'.

Once enabled, managers will be able to allocate on a per-employee-level staff who are 'Temporary' for the organisation.

*You must have an "Admin" permission or access to the organisation's settings to be able to enable "Temporary Staff".

How to allocate a "Temporary Staff" permission to staff

Once the 'Temporary Staff' feature is enabled, Managers can select staff within their 'Staff List' to allocate the 'Temporary Staff' permission for.

To do so, select individual staff within the 'Staff List' ('Workforce' > 'Staff') or add new 'Temporary Staff' manually if they do not exist within the Organisation.

On the employee profile, a new option for 'Temporary Employee' will now be visible on the 'Personal' tab:

When 'Temporary Employee' is enabled on an employee level, a blue banner will display on their profile to indicate that the employee is 'Temporary':

How to identify "Temporary Staff" within Workforce

An indicator will display on several areas of Workforce to help management teams identify which staff are Temporary within their Organisation. Temporary Staff can be recognised by the 'clock' icon, as seen in the examples below:

Employee Profile

Staff Index Page

Timesheet Index Page

Schedule/Rota + Shift Card

How to filter "Temporary Staff" within Workforce

Once the Enable Temporary Staff feature has been turned on and one or more temporary employees be added to the organisation, a staff filter will apply to several key areas of Workforce to help management teams filter out "Temporary Staff" and "Permanent Staff", as seen in the examples below:

Staff Page:

Timesheets Page:

Rota Side Panel:

Cost Report by Employee:

Deactivating "Temporary Staff" within Workforce

When "Temporary Staff" is no longer needed for the organisation, their profiles can be deactivated the same way as a native employee, by going to their profile and clicking the 'Deactivate' button on the bottom right of their profile:

Alternatively, admins can turn on “Automatically Deactivate Unused Temporary Staff” from Notifications & Tasks → Scheduled Tasks, which will check and deactivate *eligible temporary staff at local time 11 pm every night.

*temporary employees that have not worked a shift for a month, and do not have future shifts

Disabling the "Temporary Staff" feature within Workforce

If "Temporary Staff" are no longer required, the feature can be disabled by navigating to 'Settings' > 'Feature Management' > Disable 'Temporary Staff'.

Please note, to disable the "Temporary Staff" feature, all existing Temporary Staff will need to be deactivated by following the step above.

Reactivating "Temporary Staff" within Workforce

Managers can activate, deactivate and reactivate a Temporary Staff profile provided the "Temporary Staff" feature is enabled. If the "Temporary Staff" feature is disabled, managers will be prevented from reactivating "Temporary Staff" profiles within Workforce, until the feature is enabled again.

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