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How managers can utilize while on the move

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The default page when opening the app for managers will be the Overview page, where you'll find a menu with options for Pending Tasks, Team Overview, and My Overview.

You'll also be able to access your app profile through the image in the top right corner.

Pending Tasks

Pending Tasks will include:

  • Replacement requests and vacant shifts

  • Timesheets pending approval

  • Leave requests pending approval

Team Overview

Team Overview is where you can:

  • See the live feed

  • Review "Day So Far" by date or location

  • Manage shift replacement requests

"Day So Far"

Managers can view data related to teams/locations to help them make faster staffing decisions on the go. This data is synced from a connected POS system.

Don't have a POS connected? Reach out to us so that we can help you get your POS system connected in Workforce!

Contact us here.

For more information on POS systems that we integrate with, see here.

"Day So Far" can be found in the Overview tab under Team Overview.

It includes widgets with data such as:

  • Worked Hours

  • Wage Costs

  • Total Sales

  • Sales Per Labour Hour

  • Total Staff Count

  • Wage %

My Overview

My Overview will allow you to manage:

  • Pick up any vacant shifts or shifts requesting a replacement

  • Apply for and view leave and unavailability requests

  • Access your profile and settings

  • Checklists, Assets, and Audits (if using Operations

See Your Team's Shifts

Managers can view both their schedule and their team's schedule through the 'Shifts' tab on the navigation bar and toggling between the 'My shifts' and 'Team schedule' buttons.

Here, you will be able to filter between locations, and alternate between past and future published schedules. By default, staff shifts will be filtered by team, and sorted from earliest start time to latest.

See the draft shifts for a schedule

With the Edit Schedule permission enabled for managers, you'll be able to view drafted schedules through the toggle on the Team schedule tab.

The draft version includes both published and unpublished schedules, and reflects any changes that have been made to the schedule since it was last published. A refresh of the page may be required to view the most recent updates.

Make Changes to a Published Schedule

Depending on your organization's settings, managers can create a new shift, edit an existing one, delete one from the schedule, or make changes to breaks through the app. Any changes will automatically be published to the schedule and affected staff will be alerted via push notification.

Create Shifts

To create a shift, navigate to your team's schedule through the Shifts option on the navigation bar.

Once here, select the green '+ Shift' button in the top right corner. You'll be prompted

to enter the following details:

  • The date of the new shift

  • Shift start and finish times

  • The team the employee will work in

  • The employee you are creating the shift for

A preview of the shift card will populate as these details are added, and once all fields are entered, select the Create Shift button.

Edit Shifts

To edit an employee’s shift on a published schedule, navigate to the Team Schedule page, then the Draft Schedule tab and select the shift being changed. After selecting the shift, click the Edit button.

Here, you’ll be able to change details like:

  • The date of the shift

  • The shift times

  • The team the employee will work in

  • The employee working the shift

Once the changes have been made, select the Publish Updates button to re-publish the schedule.

Delete Shifts

To delete a scheduled shift, select the relevant one through the Team Schedule page, then selecting the Draft Schedule tab. A red Delete button will appear, and selecting this will remove the employee’s shift from the schedule.

Update Shift Breaks

Breaks can be added to a shift by selecting the relevant shift on the Team schedule > Draft Schedule page and then selecting the green + symbol.

You'll need to enter a start time, finish time, and determine whether the break is paid or not by ticking the checkbox.

Breaks can also be removed from this page through the red X next to a break.

Approving Timesheets

Managers can approve timesheets for staff in the teams they manage through the app.

From the Home screen, select the Action menu > Approve timesheets. On this page, you'll find:

  • Period date range

  • How many shifts require approval

  • Total worked hours (and comparison to scheduled hours)

  • Total wage costs (and comparison to scheduled costs)

  • Percentage of timesheets that have been approved for the period

Use the < and > symbols in the top right corner to switch between past, current, and future timesheet periods.

The timesheet cards in this page are comprised of the below fields:

  • Shift date

  • Team and location

  • Employee name, clocked photo, shift date and worked times

  • Total hours worked

  • The option to edit the timesheet (if this permission is enabled by your organization)

  • Cost variance between scheduled shift and worked shift

  • Breakdown of scheduled/scheduled shift (including start and finish times, break length, and wage cost)

  • Breakdown of actual worked hours (including start and finish times, break length, and wage cost)

Managers can skip or approve timesheets through either the buttons underneath the card, or by swiping right to approve or left to skip.

Shift Replacements/Vacant Shift Claiming

Make adjustments on the go with Shifts Replacements. A replacement for a shift can be requested by an employee or initiated by a manager.

For the most up-to-date information on Shift Replacements/Vacant Shift Claiming, please see our full help guide HERE.

Approving Leave and Unavailability

Approve or reject leave and unavailability requests made by staff you manage through the app.

Requests can be accessed through either the widget on the Home screen, or through the Time Off and Availability tab in the action menu.

Staff requests will appear under the 'Team Time Off' or 'Team Unavailability' headings. By default, pending requests will appear at the top of the page, upcoming approved or rejected requests will be expanded under the 'Upcoming' heading, and past requests will be collapsed under the 'Past' heading.

Each request card will show:

  • Employee name

  • Requested date and times off

  • Reason (if provided)

  • Frequency (for unavailability requests)

  • Leave type (for leave requests)

Once approved or rejected, the card will move to either the Upcoming or Past list, depending on the applicable dates, and the status of the request will appear in the top corner of the card.

Contact Team Members and Viewing Staff Profiles

Managers can view staff details or contact team members via phone call or SMS through the mobile app. These pages can be accessed either through the live feed or on an employees' scheduled shift.

From the action menu, select the ‘See the live feed’ option. Once in the live feed, click on an employee's name or profile picture to access their profile.

Alternatively, find the relevant staff member on your Team schedule, then select their shift and click on their name below the shift.

Use the buttons at the top of staff profiles to call or SMS your team. You'll be navigated out of the app to your devices' default messaging or phone app to do so. If staff do not have these buttons on the page, this means they don't have a phone number attached to their profile.

Staff profiles also include:

  • The days the employee is scheduled to work for the current period

  • The total hours they've been scheduled for the current period

  • Their attendance score over the last 30 days

  • When their employment began

  • Their email address

  • Their phone number

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