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Dashboard: Live Insights
Dashboard: Live Insights

Learn how Live Insights displays point-of-sale data on desktop.

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What is Live Insights?

The Live Insights widget combines live sales from point-of-sale systems with the Live Wage calculations in, giving you a granular view of your day of operations.

You can use it to make staffing decisions to keep your wage in control, or sales and marketing decisions to increase your sales. You can report in real-time, or look back at previous days.

Who can see Live Insights?

Managers of a team/location are able to view a location's store data.

If a manager is unable to view specific staff wages, the cost + wage percentage will vary as it will only display the costs of who the manager can see.

How to begin using Live Insights

If you use one of our supported POS systems (see here), the Live Insights widget will begin to populate with data once you have integrated your POS system.

To start using Live Insights, set up your revenue streams on the Sales and Revenue page and then assign your data to organization and/or location on the Datastreams page.

To switch from Live Wage Tracker, click the settings cog icon on the widget:

Day so far

  • Accrued wages and accrued sales

  • Day so far Wage % of Revenue or SPLH (change this via the cog in the top right corner)

If you want to see 'Day So Far' in the mobile app, learn more here.

Staff information

  • Change between staff count or wage costs

  • See a graph of your live Wage % of Revenue or SPLH

  • Toggled scheduled comparison on/off

Sales information

  • View your live sales or any demand data that you send to

  • Set up your revenue streams on the Sales and Revenue page

  • Tell where to show your data on the Datastreams page

  • Contact us if you need help with this

  • Toggled predicted sales on/off (average of the last 3 weeks of the current day)

POS Systems supported

  • Centegra

  • Clover

  • Goodtill

  • ICRTouch

  • Lightspeed

  • Ordermate

  • PointOne

  • Kounta

  • Redcat (Polygon)

  • Revel

  • Square

  • SwiftPOS

  • Tevalis

  • Vita Moji

  • Zettle by Paypall

  • Doshii (H&L, Impos, Starrtec, ARZPOS, Triniteq plus more in development)

  • Omnivore (NCR Aloha, Micros 3700, Micros Simphony1, CBS NorthStar, Brink, POSitouch, XPIENT, Dinerware, Azbar, Maitre'D, Veloce, Squirrel plus more in development)

  • Bepoz

For the most up-to-date list of POS system integrations, we recommend checking out our integrations webpage here. For any questions on POS systems, please reach out to us at


Can Live Insights be viewed on the mobile app?

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