Receive Shift Feedback from your staff

Using the Shift Feedback feature to gain real time feedback from staff

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Shift feedback allows staff to give actionable feedback based on a specific worked shift.

Staff can remain anonymous or be identified when submitting feedback on their app.

Enabling Shift Feedback

By default, shift feedback will be enabled in your account. If you wish to turn it off, you can do so under 'All Settings' > 'General Settings'.

How it works

  1. Staff are prompted to give feedback in the mobile app around once a week

  2. They select from a list of topics to express what went well and what didn't. You can change the topics by clicking "Settings" in Feature Management.

  3. They can add an additional comment before submitting

  4. Team Managers will be able to view feedback from their own teams, General Managers and Admins will be able to view feedback from all teams

The Shift Feedback email summary

Shift Feedback Report

Admins and Managers can view the shift feedback report at


Staff will only be prompted in the app to give shift feedback if:

  • The staff has a worked shift on today’s date

  • The staff hasn’t dismissed or submitted any feedback popups since the beginning of the week.

  • The business has the shift feedback option enabled in general settings

  • They staff does not also hold an Admin, General Manager, or Payroll Officer permission level in

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