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Roller Integration
Roller Integration

Instructions on how to integrate with venue management software Roller.

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Sync demand data from Roller into your account. Demand data provides useful insights for scheduling, forecasting and supporting data driven decisions for frontline managers.

Add integration

First, add Roller to your Integrations in Workforce:

  1. Navigate to IntegrationsPOS Integrations+ New POS integration

  2. Search for RollerConnect to Roller

To connect Workforce and Roller, complete the following fields and click Save:

  • Name (optional)

  • Location

  • Client ID

  • API Key - can be found in your Roller account as "Secret"

  • Include sales tax when importing revenue (optional)

Should you tick the box to "Include sales tax when importing revenue", this will use the gross amount when importing sales. If box is unticked, this will use net sales. Should you tick/untick the checkbox after a sync has occurred, sales data will need to be re-synced.

Important: You must make sure Client ID and API Key match the Location. If these do not match, data will not sync correctly.

Enable data stream

Lastly, you check to make sure the data stream is enabled:

  1. Navigate to IntegrationsPOS Integrations Manage Data StreamsData Streams

A data stream titled "roller" should exist:

Click on the data stream to open a pop-up window. Make sure to:

  • Select location to join to

  • Select "sales" stat type

  • Enable Data Stream

FAQs and Troubleshooting

How do I re-sync data?

You can re-sync data by going to IntegrationsPOS IntegrationsEdit Integration. Select "Import data from 30 days":

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