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Automate Statutory Holiday Entitlements
Automate Statutory Holiday Entitlements

Automate leave entitlements for employees according to current UK government legislation.

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What does Automatic Statutory Entitlements do?

Organisations who comply with the UK Governments 'Statutory Annual Leave Entitlement' for their staff will benefit from opting into 'Automate Statutory Leave Balance Behaviour' when configuring leave types in Workforce.

When enabled, Workforce will:

  • Start a balance of 0 hours, accruing at 12.07%* for accruing leave types

    • For 0 hour, casual and shift based employees

  • Start a balance of 224** hours, for deducting leave types

    • For salaried, full time and regular hour employees

* The 12.07% figure is based on the fact that all workers are entitled to 5.6 weeks' leave (the minimum statutory holiday entitlement). This means that a worker’s total working weeks in a year is 46.4 (52 weeks in a year minus 5.6 weeks of leave). 12.07% of 46.4 is 5.6.

** The statutory minimum entitlement for full time employees is 28 days (including Bank Holidays), or 5.6 weeks/year. The 224 hour figure is based on an 8 hour work day. 28* 8 = 224 hours. Leave entitlements will be automatically prorated depending on when the employee commences employment within the leave year.

Set up Automatic Statutory Entitlements

To set up Automatic Statutory Entitlements, create a new leave type via:

  1. Navigate to Time & Attendance > Compliance > Customise Your Setup > Leave Types > Manage

  2. Click + New leave type

  3. Complete the information steps 1 & 2

In step 3 'Balance Configuration', select "Automate Statutory Leave Balance Behaviour". You will then have to decide if this is a leave type that accrues or deducts:

What do we automate

Automatic deductions

If the leave type deducts, then we will automate the creation of starting balances based on the 28 days (224 hours) that an employee is entitled to. Learn more about holiday entitlements here. You can also choose if future time-off requests will automatically be created for upcoming bank holidays.

Automatic accruals

If the leave type accrues, then we will automate the creation of empty starting balances, as well as set the accrue rate to 12.07% per hour an employee works. Learn more about holiday entitlement accrual rates here. You can also choose to allow employees to accrue hours on their leave requests:

Legislation changes

If legislation relating to statutory holiday entitlements change, Workforce will automatically update leave types to comply with changes.

Custom accrual rates or starting balances

For organisations who offer more than the statutory entitlement, Workforce can support custom configuration by via the option 'Manually Configure Leave Balance Behaviour for this Leave Type'.

Important: If you manually configure leave balance behaviour, future legislation changes will not be automatically applied. To ensure compliance, you will need manually re-configure your leave balance behaviour.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

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