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Limber Integration
Limber Integration

Fill gaps in your rota faster with the flexible staffing plaftorm, Limber.

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What is the Limber integration?

The Limber integration helps hospitality sites in the UK build flexible teams of talent to draw upon when required. Hospitality professionals can keep a lean core team and flex up and down as trade dictates. Limber also acts as a great reactive tool for situations like sickness, holiday, staff turnover and human fallibility to prevent understaffing.

How does it work?

The Limber platform works like this: post your vacant shifts, choose who to hire, and then after shifts are worked, add your favourite workers to your Limber team. The next time you post a shift, your Limber team can auto-accept those shifts so you build up a pool of consistent, flexible talent ready to work when needed.

The integration will automatically send all vacant shifts from to Limber. Then, when you hire workers in Limber (or if team members auto-accept), they’ll appear in your rota in Workforce so you and your team will know who is working. Workforce will use our Temporary Staff feature to ensure that all workers from Limber are separate from your permanent workforce.

We’ve also built live reconciling so if you want to give the shift to one of your core team, it will be canceled in limber. Alternatively, if a Limber worker cancels, the shift will become available in Workforce as well as Limber.


Will I have to use the Limber platform at all?

Hiring, timesheets and chat must be done in Limber however but shift posting and shift assigning is automated through Workforce.

Will shifts be delayed so that existing staff can offer to cover?

It depends on how far out the open shift is. If an open shift is in 2 weeks, then Workforce will wait 2 days before publishing it to Limber. If the shift is in 12 hours, Workforce won’t delay at all.

How do I get the integration?

Fill out your details here or through the Request a Demo option here. A Limber specialist will be in touch with you soon to show you how it works and answer any questions you have!

What if I’m not a current Limber customer?

Don't worry - Limber can get you up and running within a few days, let us know here through the Request a Demo option so that Limber can help you get set up.

What about payment and payroll?

All staff who work for you via Limber are employed, insured and paid by Limber. That means Limber sorts Right to Work, payroll, and pension for everyone.

How much does it cost?

Limber is free to join and there are no monthly costs. You just pay them the wages and payroll costs for any shifts plus a small 10% fee (see more pricing info here. For larger customers, Limber has a white-label offering - read more here. Payment method is via secure card or GoCardless direct debit.

How will I know the quality of the staff?

Every worker profile contains ratings from previous shifts on the platform. You can see who rated them for what type of work and when. You can also see the worker’s reliability information (ie how many shifts they have cancelled) along with previous experience, skills, video content and social links.

But the important thing about Limber is it’s all about how they get on at your business, not someone else’s. So you should view every first shift with you as a trial to join your Limber team. Once you’ve built up that team, our stats show that 85% of your shifts will automatically fill with people you already know and like.

If you would like to speak with one of our team members about this integration, please send your questions to

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