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Teamtailor Integration
Teamtailor Integration

Automatically pass new hire information from Teamtailor ATS to Workforce.

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Teamtailor is an applicant tracking system (ATS) for all types of businesses to optimise hiring through features like automated triggers, self-scheduled interviews, and fully customisable recruitment workflows.

Set up Teamtailor Integration

Enable Teamtailor in Workforce

To turn on this integration, go to Settings > Integrations:

Then Payroll Integrations:

Press the + New Payroll integration button in the top right:

Search for 'Teamtailor' from the available list of integrations and select See Details:

Click the Connect to Teamtailor button where you will be taken to an Edit Teamtailor Integration page. On this page, you'll want to :

  1. Give the integration a custom name (optional).

  2. Set the 'Applies To' to everyone

  3. Copy the token

  4. Click save

Connect Workforce in Teamtailor

Once you've copied the token from Teamtailor integration in Workforce, navigate to your Teamtailor account and go to the Marketplace page. Once in the marketplace, search for the Workforce card. After clicking into the card, click Activate:

This will trigger a pop-up window. Paste in your copied token from Workforce and select Update:

No description available.

Workforce and Teamtailor will now be connected!

Add trigger

After connecting your Teamtailor account to Workforce, you'll need to add a trigger to whichever candidate stage you consider hired. This will need to be done for each job.

To add a trigger, go to the hired stage within your recruiting process and click the Edit button:

Click + Add trigger and select Workforce from the dropdown menu. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm that you would like to set the trigger for this candidate stage. Select Add trigger button to confirm:

Hire a candidate

To hire and send candidate data to Workforce, go to your Teamtailor candidate pipeline and move the candidate to the hired stage. Once Hired in Teamtailor, an employee profile will be created in Workforce for the new hire.

Confirm a candidate has been sent to Workforce

To confirm if a candidate has been sent to Workforce, you can check 3 ways. First, navigate to Workforce and look for the candidate's name within Workforce > Staff to view the newly created staff profile.

The other two ways to confirm are within Teamtailor in the candidate's profile. You will see a Status: Sent on the profile (you may need to refresh the profile) as well as a note within the candidate's Activity log:

What information is synchronised from Teamtailor to Workforce?

If the following candidate information is completed on the candidate profile in Teamtailor, it will be sent to Workforce to create a new staff member profile.

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • Locations

  • Department

Note: Location and department must match in Workforce. For reference:

The location in Teamtailor will match a location within Workforce.

The department in Teamtailor will match a team name in Workforce.

In Teamtailor, the Location and Department are added when creating a job:

FAQs and Troubleshooting

Can I send a candidate to Workforce with multiple locations?

Workforce will work to match the candidate location and department set in Teamtailor to what exists in Workforce.

What if a candidate has a location or department set in Teamtailor that doesn't exist in Workforce?

If a candidate has a location set in Teamtailor that doesn't exist in Workforce, the candidate profile will still be created in Workforce however no location or team will be set.

What if I receive a Status: Failed after sending a candidate to Workforce?

You will want to complete the following steps:

  1. Reconnect your integration (see steps here)

  2. Click Try again within the error message

Should you need any assistance, please reach out to us at

Once I've successfully hired a candidate in Teamtailor and sent them to Workforce, how do I onboard the new employee?

To onboard a new employee, you can use the Employee Onboarding feature. See our help guide here for more information.

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