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Learn how audits can be accessed and completed via the Mobile App

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This feature is available for users who have enabled Workforce HR.

Access audits via the app

Staff can access an audit via the Workforce Mobile App. If an audit is associated to the team an employee works in, they will see the Audits option on the Overview tab of the mobile app.

Complete an audit

Scheduled Audits

Scheduling an audit is a great way to ensure all compliance related audits are completed in time. On the mobile-app the team members will be able to access all audits scheduled for their location/team grouped by the frequency of the schedule(Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.)

Fill an audit

To fill an audit, click on start and the audit will be loaded for you to fill.

Any question that is set-up as a trigger based on trigger will appear after the response for the parent question is saved.

Repeating a section

When an audit section is marked as repeatable, the user will have the option to repeat that section multiple times while filling the audit.

Use the “Prev” , “Next” button to move between pages and click on “Submit” when you are done filling the audit.

In-progress audits

Any audits that are started by a user can be accessed in the progress tab and any other user in the team will have the ability to continue filling the audit.

This tab will come in handy when the team is filling out a lengthy audit during a busy day.

Ad-hoc audits

Any audit template accessible to a user can be filled ad-hoc without needing to be scheduled. If there is a need to complete an impromptu audit like a Store walk / Stationary order form / Hotel room inspection etc. they can be accessed from this tab.

Completed audits

Users will have access to view any completed audits under this tab.


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