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Send "Right To Work" Checks
Send "Right To Work" Checks

Learn how you can send Right to Work checks to prospective employees and track their statuses through our integration with TrustID

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Ensure compliance and accelerate the hiring of new staff by using our integration with certified IDSP provider, TrustID. Our integration works by sending "Right to Work" checks to from Workforce to employees via TrustID, where identity documents will be expertly analysed - resulting in a Right to Work status (and detailed PDF report!).

This help guide explains step by step:

What type of "Right to Work" checks do TrustID perform?

TrustID supports digital and non-digital checks (conditional checks).

Digital Checks: Can be used to prove eligibility for Right to Work for those with the following documents:

  • In date GBR/IRE passports (out of date GBR/IRE passports are still valid for proving RTW, but under new legislation, these would not be eligible for a digital check and would need to be seen in person)

  • Irish Passport Card

Conditional Checks: Can be used to prove eligibility for Right to Work for those with the following documents:

  • All non-UK/Irish applicants with an eVisa via the Home Office online service (includes those under the EU Settlement Scheme)

  • Share Codes

  • Can verify additional documentation, such as National Insurance Numbers, Birth Certificates etc.

*TrustID's verification process has a targeted SLA of ~1 hour.

Enabling "Right to Work" checks

To start sending "Right to Work" checks from Workforce, the "Right to Work Check" feature must be enabled by an account Admin.

To enable the feature, navigate to Settings > Feature Management to allow managers to send "Right to Work" checks when onboarding new staff.

Please note, this is a paid feature and organisations will be billed at £1.95 per document that gets reviewed. The average "Right to Work" check can have anywhere between 1-3 documents that need reviewing, depending on the type of check being performed.

Sending "Right to Work" Checks

There are two places that a "Right to Work" check can be sent in Workforce.

Option 1:

During the paperless onboarding process, a manager can toggle the "Include a right to work check for this employee" option on the invitation for new employees. This will send the "Right to Work" check/request with the onboarding invitation. The employee will receive the "Right to Work" check via email, where they will scan the QR code to complete the check.

Note: The "Right to Work" check email will send after the employee has completed and submitted their onboarding form.

Option 2:

To send a "Right to Work" check to existing employees (or outside of the paperless Onboarding process), navigate to Staff > Choose the employee you want to send the check to > Click on the "Onboarding Tab". Once here, send the check by pressing the "Resend Right to Work check" button.

Note: If you wish to resend a check from the Onboarding tab, you cannot do so if there is a "Right to Work" check currently in process. Learn about statuses below!

Tracking the status of the "Right to Work" check

There are five possible status's for the "Right to Work" check to be in. To view the current status of a check, navigate to Employee Onboarding > Right To Work Check History.

The five statuses are:

Sent: A "Right to Work" check has been initiated with the employee.

Submitted: The employee has completed and submitted the "Right to Work" check.

In Review: TrustID has received the completed check and it is now in review. It will take up to an hour for the review to be finalised.

Rejected: The "Right to Work" check is complete but has failed.

Completed: The "Right to Work" check is complete and has passed.

You can also track when a "Right to Work" check was completed and how many documents were reviewed.

The total amount of documents reviewed is also visible on this screen at the top right. If you apply any filters to this page, then only the "Right to Work" checks visible will be accounted for in this total. If you wish to see all the "Right to Work" checks for a given period you can apply a date range filter.

"Right to Work" check resolution

Once a "Right to Work" check is completed, an email is sent to both the employee and the manager - who initiated the check.

For the employee the email will say if they have passed or failed the check.

For the manager the email will say if they passed or failed the check, and will also include a results PDF with more detail. This PDF will include the reason why the check failed and will be up to the managers discretion to resend the right to work check.

A copy of the results PDF is saved on a Right to Work Qualification (which is automatically created by the system) against the employee it was sent to for future reference. The qualification will also be automatically marked as active. To view the results PDF at any time, navigate to the employee profile by Staff > Choose the employee you want to view results for > Results will be displayed as a PDF on the "Qualification" tab.

Important: Workforce will not automatically fill the expiry date field. You will need to manually set the expiry date to trigger future "about to expire" and "expired" notifications by the system.

How to understand your bill

Once a "Right to Work" check is complete (approved or rejected), Workforce will add a supplementary charge (£1.95/document assessed) on the monthly invoice for the total count of documents which were reviewed via TrustID in the pay period. If you are on an annual subscription, you will still be billed monthly or "Right to Work" checks.


Our team at Workforce can assist with general troubleshooting and enquiries. To contact the Workforce support team, please email or via the blue chat button in the bottom left corner.

For support enquiries relating to TrustID (i.e QR code not scanning, photo not saving), please contact the TrustID support team at

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