Tracking Categories

Assign tracking categories to teams in Workforce and monitor wage costs in Workforce Payroll

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What is a tracking category?

Tracking categories are used by businesses to report on more specific areas/teams and review wage costs, time off, overtime, and more. With this insight, employers can focus on areas in need of improvement, or adjust scheduling practices to minimize labor costs.

Create a tracking category

Once your Company Setup is complete, navigate to Payroll > Payroll Settings > Company Setup and select the + Add Tracking Category button.

Enter the Names of the tracking categories to be linked and save your changes. If you have more than one Payroll Integration (e.g. more than one company), different Tracking Categories can be configured for each one.

Assign Tracking Categories to Teams

Once Tracking Categories have been created, navigate to your teams in Workforce under Workforce > Teams and click the Edit icon on the relevant team.

Under the Show advanced options tab, find the Workforce Payroll Tracking Categories section and assign values to the categories.

Save changes with the Update Team Details button.

View tracking categories on pay runs

Once you’ve created tracking categories and assigned them to the relevant teams, payroll exports will include the fields on payslip lines.

In the example below, wages for the Cafe area and the Service area have been separated with tracking categories. The employer can see that the overtime rates are associated with the Service team, and may adjust the upcoming schedule to minimize this cost in the next pay run.

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