Company Setup

Configure your company's default details, including bank details, ACH details, and default accounts

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What's covered in this guide?

Accessing company details

To access and configure your company details, navigate to Payroll > Payroll Settings > Company Setup.

Adding Direct Deposit Details

The direct deposit account will be set up once you enter your business's details to the following fields:

  • Business Name: The account name of your business account name

  • Routing Number: The 9-digit number that acts as an address to your bank

  • Account Number: The 10-12 digit code provided by your bank

Configuring default accounts

Assign the default accounts for Wages Earning Payable, Wages Payable and Tax Payable. Options in the drop down menu are based on the accounts configured in the Journal Setup page. Learn more in the Journal Setup guide.

Once the accounts have been configured, use the Update button to save the changes.

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