Journal Setup
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What is a journal?

A journal entry lists the different accounts you use to run payroll. Each time you pay your staff, multiple accounts can contribute to the payrun, such as:

  • Wage expenses

  • Company Contributions

  • Tax expenses

  • Leave expenses

When reporting on payroll, separating wages into the relevant accounts simplifies each payrun and helps you keep track of expenses.

Access journal setup

View and set up journals and accounts through Payroll > Payroll Settings > Journal Setup.

Pre-built accounts

Several accounts have been pre-built into the journal setup based on common bookkeeping scenarios, including:

  • Deductions

  • Super Expense

  • Super Payable

  • Wages Expense

  • Wages Payable

  • Withholding Payable

To edit these existing accounts, click on the account Name.

Adjust the name or code to your preference, and click the Update button to save the changes.

Create a new account

When more accounts are needed for specified reporting or for additional accounts, create a new one through the + New button on the Journal Setup page.

Add the relevant Name and Code, then finish by clicking the Create button.

New accounts will appear in your journal once created, and can be linked to earnings rates.

Configure default accounts

When first syncing your earnings template to Payroll, accounts will be assigned to earning rates based on the default account settings.

To view or adjust these settings, navigate to Payroll > Payroll Settings > Company Setup and scroll to the Default Accounts settings. Choose your preferences from the dropdown menus and save changes with the Update button.

Link accounts to earnings rates

Once a new account is created, start linking them to the appropriate earning rates.

After earning rates have been populated or imported from Workforce, they can be adjusted to the appropriate accounts with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Earnings Rates page through Payroll > Payroll Settings > Earnings Rate

  2. Find the relevant earning rate being changed and click the Name

  3. Use the Payroll Account dropdown menu to select the correct account

  4. Use the Update button to save the changes

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