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Switching between profiles in different accounts
Switching between profiles in different accounts
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You may work multiple jobs that use Workforce. Make use of the account switcher to see your shifts, leave, and more without having to login each time.

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To switch easily between two accounts, you'll need to ensure:

  • The email for both profiles is the same

  • You've been invited to access both accounts and have accepted both invitations

  • Your profile is active in both accounts

Updating your email address to switch between accounts

*Note*: If you are an admin, you will need another admin to conduct the following steps on your behalf as Unlinking Workforce Profile will log you out of your account.

To change an email address so that a user can switch between accounts, you will need to do so within the staff memer's profile. Go to Workforce > Staff > Staff Profile > Unlink Workforce profile:

Confirm that you would like to proceed:

Update the email address to the desired email and select Invite to Workforce:

The staff member will receive an email inviting them to connect to their Workforce account; complete the steps from the invitation email.

Switching between accounts

Access your profile through your avatar in the top right corner of the app. Once on this page, select the account you're switching to from the drop down menu. You'll receive confirmation when you've successfully switched.

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