Staff: Requesting a shift replacement
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If enabled by your organization, you can request replacements for shifts you've been rostered but can't work.

This help guide covers:

Check out the Staff: Picking up extra shifts guide to learn more about claiming shifts others can't work.

Requesting a replacement

To request a replacement:

  1. Navigate to the shift you can't work on the roster

  2. Click the > icon

  3. Click the Request a replacement button on the next page

  4. Add the reason for the request

  5. Click the Submit button

  6. Confirm your estimated wage loss

From here, a manager will be able to offer the shift to your co-workers, or reject your request for a replacement.

1-to-1 Replacements

If enabled by your organisation, you may be able to choose who you ask to cover your replacement request. You can do this by toggling between "Anyone" or "A specific team member" (see image below) before submitting your request.

You will then be taken to a page where you can select which staff you would like to offer your replacement request to.

Cancelling a request

If you've changed your mind, or can now work the shift you requested a replacement for, you can cancel the request by navigating back to the relevant shift and click the Cancel Replacement Request button.

Checking if your shift has been claimed

You will receive a notification once a team member has picked up your shift and it has been approved by a manager. Once the replacement has been approved, the shift will no longer appear on your roster.

Until then, the shift will remain on your roster, marked as Request pending.

If your manager has rejected your request, you'll be notified via push notification and the shift will remain on your roster.

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