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Managers can keep you in the loop of store operations, policy updates, and more with the Communications feature.

This help guide covers:

Viewing messages

Access announcements through the Messages tab on the navigation bar of the app. If you have any messages that are unread, you'll see an orange dot on the icon.

On the Messages page, you'll see an overview of the different Communication rooms you're part of, with an orange dot showing which of these rooms have unread messages.

To read a message, click into any of these rooms.

Replying to messages

When managers create an announcement, they can choose to allow replies from staff.

To send a reply, open the message in the Communication room it's been posted into.

Any announcements that allow replies will show a 'Replies' button in the corner.

Click this button to type your reply, attach a document, and send your response. Any replies you make will be visible to others in the communication room.

Acknowledging messages

Your managers may require you to acknowledge an announcement they've sent.

To acknowledge an announcement, open the message in the Communication room it's been posted into. Any messages awaiting your acknowledgement will show as Requires your attention. Tick the checkbox to acknowledge the messages.

Once you've acknowledged an announcement, you'll receive confirmation.

Managers will be able to track who has acknowledged their message, as well as who has or hasn't seen it.

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