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Staff: Viewing timesheets and previously worked shifts
Staff: Viewing timesheets and previously worked shifts
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When you work a shift, the details of it can be found in the Timesheets tab of the mobile app.

This help guide covers:

Viewing your timesheets

Access the timesheets for previously worked shifts through the Timesheets tab on the navigation menu, or by scrolling to a past week on the Rosters page. Each timesheet card will include:

  • The date and times of the shift

  • The team you worked in

  • The worked hours in bold

  • The original scheduled shift underneath

  • The wages you've earned for the shift (if the permission is enabled)

  • Breaks that were taken

  • Variance between the scheduled vs worked hours

Variances between the shift you were scheduled vs the shift you worked will be color coded and the difference shown through either a positive or negative value:

  • If you've worked more hours than you've been scheduled, green text will show how many extra hours you've worked

  • If you've worked less than what you've been scheduled, orange text will show how many hours less you've worked

Updating your timesheets

Depending on organizational settings, you'll be able to edit timesheets if you forgot to clock in/out by opening the relevant timesheet under the Timesheets tab and selecting the empty value. Once the changes have been made, click the 'Update' button on the corner of the shift card.

Your manager will still be required to approve the updates you've made.

Adding missing shifts

If you worked a shift that you weren't scheduled, or forgot to both clock in and out for a shift, you can add the missing times through the Timesheets page. You'll only be able to add a missing shift if you have another shift recorded in your timesheet.

Select the β€˜Missing a shift? Add it’ option at the bottom of this page, where you'll need to enter the following information:

  • The date of the missing shift

  • The hours you worked on the day

  • The team you worked in

  • Any comments to add to the shift (this isn't a compulsory field)

As you enter details, a preview of the shift card will populate underneath. Depending on your organization's settings, this new shift will be sent to your managers for approval.

Acknowledging your timesheet

Your organization may request that you review your timesheets and request any changes where required to ensure your shifts are recorded correctly. Any changes that are requested need to be actioned by a manager.

To request changes to a timesheet in the past, navigate to it under the Timesheets tab, click Request Changes, enter the reason, and hit Submit Request.

If your timesheet is accurate and no changes need to be made, hit the Approve Hours button, read through the final checks, and click Confirm and Approve.

If you've already approved your hours, but need to go back and request a change, you can still do so with the request changes button. Any changes that are requested will still need to be actioned by a manager.

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