Change a User's Teams
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You can edit the team that an employee works in or is a manager of in their staff profile. They can belong to or manage as many teams as you like, however one team will always be set as their default to be used when staff need to be classified as belonging to a single team, such as when exporting to payroll. This can be found on the employee’s profile, in the personal tab, here:

If you are unable to remove a user from a team, check the following things:

You have the correct permissions to do so:

To edit a user’s teams, you will need the ‘edit user’ custom permissions, so you will need to get an admin to check you are able to do this.

That team is not the user’s default payroll team.

You can not remove the user from their default payroll team. If you wish to do so, you will need to change their default team to a new one, and then remove it.

The team is not linked to any qualifications:

If you cannot add a user to a team, it could be due to the team having required qualifications. This means the user cannot be a part of that team unless they have the valid qualification. You can check these in the team settings in Workforce > Teams.

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