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Starting a New Leave Year: What to Do for Leave Balances
Starting a New Leave Year: What to Do for Leave Balances

A step-by-step guide outlining everything you need to do when a new leave year begins.

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Your new leave year is starting! Here's what to do on the day.

Past your new leave year start date?

You may also update your staff's new leave year balances after your new year begins as long as you have set a leave year start date! Please see our short guide here to ensure you have this set within your settings.

Viewing Last Leave Year's Balances

First, navigate to Reports > Leave Balance Report:

If you have not generated a Leave Balance Report: you will need to do this first.

If no leave year start date, enter and hit Update Settings. This will take you to the reports.

If you do have a leave year start date, review the date and scroll to the bottom to hit Generate Report.

Once you've generated a report, filter the Current Year to the previous leave year to view a report of the last leave year's balances:

Keep this report up in a tab as you will use this report to edit a .csv.

*Note: We recommend downloading and saving this report for your own records.

Updating This Year's Balances

Open a new tab of Workforce and navigate to Leave > Tools > Leave Balances:

Follow the steps, starting with step 1 to download your starting balances (.csv):

Once you've opened the .csv file, begin updating your staff's new leave balances for the year! Use the Leave Balance Report to roll over any balances if necessary.

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