Future Approved Leave

How to set up Future Approved Leave Requests on every bank holiday.

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To create a Future Approved Leave for every bank holiday, go to:

  • Compliance

  • Time off types (x) Manage

  • Choose a Leave Type

  • Make sure the leave type you're editing is for the staff you want to be affected by this rule - check the tags. ( This will not work if it applies to all staff )

  • Go to section 3 - Balance Configuration

  • Enable the Create future approved time-off for Bank Holidays option.

With this setting, every staff member that this leave type applies to, will have a leave request automatically created on every bank holiday.

Likewise, if you have this setup, and you want to remove it for certain staff members, you can enter a leave type and disable the Create future approved time-off for Bank Holidays option.

At the bottom of the leave type, ensure this setting is enabled, so the requests can be created and approved automatically:

In the Leave Settings of your account, check that you either have:

All Settings > Leave :

A default leave hours greater than 0


A valid auto-fill leave setting, that covers all staff.

The reason for this, is that, if the auto-created leave request would have 0 hours, it will not be created.

Finally, check the staff members have a Pay Rate on their profile (hourly or salaried).

When you have completed the setup:

To re-generate the automatic Bank Holidays, for the users you wish to generate them for:

  • Delete their Bank holiday leave balance (if they have one).

  • In their staff profile, delete all tags, then save the user. Then add the tags back and save the user.

This will trigger the bank holiday leave requests to be recreated.

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