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Attendance Points Email Notifications

Automatically notify managers when their employees have accrued a certain number of total attendance points.

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Mitigating poor attendance behavior can be a large task when there's hundreds of employees and attendance points to look over. Instead of manually identifying employees who have accrued a large number of attendance points, you can set up a notification system to track this for you.

Using the Points Notification Settings in All Settings > Attendance > Point System, you can automatically notify managers when actions may be required for an employee with poor attendance.

Turning on Notifications

  • You should have already set up at least one Rule Set in your Points System settings. If you haven't, check out our article on Points Based Attendance to get started there.

How it works

Once you have a rule set applying to some or all of your employees, you can move on to setting up email notifications. In a rule set, the Points Notification Settings uses the following four actions to assign a point threshold:

  • Verbal Warning

  • Written Warning

  • Intervention Meeting

  • Termination

A point threshold is the number of total attendance points you expect an employee to have accrued which would require one of the above actions.

For example, you can send managers a notification when a verbal warning should be issued by setting Verbal Warning to a point threshold of 5 total attendance points. If an employee reaches 5 total attendance points, this will send an email notification to that employee's managers.

Configuring the Settings

For notifications to be successfully setup, make sure to do the following:

  • have a total point value for each threshold

  • the point values should be entered in increasing number beginning with Verbal Warning.

Click Update and you should see a success message pop up. Notifications will then be turned on and set to the point thresholds you created. Once an employee's total attendance points has reached any of the point thresholds you set up, their managers will receive an email notification.

Notifications for each threshold will only be sent to managers 1 time when the employee first meets or exceeds a threshold.

Setting up email notifications is as easy as assigning point thresholds to each disciplinary action and clicking update.

What is in a notification?

Notifications will be sent to all the managers associated with an employee who has met or exceeded a point threshold.

The email will address the following information:

  • the name of the threshold met or exceeded

  • the date that the employee accrued points which pushed them to this threshold

  • the reason(s) for their point accrual

  • the employee's total points

  • a list of all the managers notified through this process

  • a link to adjust the employee's points if needed

An email notification saying that a verbal warning is required because an employee has reached the verbal warning points threshold.

Turning off notifications

By default managers will not receive notifications. Keep the input fields blank if you wish to not receive notifications.

If managers have been receiving notifications, but you no longer want them to, remove the point values you assigned. The input fields should be blank. Click Update and your managers should no longer receive emails.

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