Change your email address

Find out how to change your email address as a manager or as a staff member

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What's covered in this guide?

For staff

If you already have access to, you can update your email address at any time by navigating to 'My Profile' then 'Change Account Details'. This step will need to be done by logging into online, in a web browser.


For Managers

You can change a manager's email by navigating to a staff profile.

If the email is grayed out, click Unlink Workforce Profile below the email address to allow you to edit the email. After you change their email, click Invite to Workforce to send an invitation email to the new email address.

For admins

You will need another admin to change your email address for you or one of our support team members. Another admin can follow the same process as changing a manager's email here.

Important: If an admin 'unlinks' their Workforce profile, they will be kicked out of Workforce platform.

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