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How to Send and Preview Upcoming Payslips
How to Send and Preview Upcoming Payslips

Release previews of employees' upcoming payslips and view them in email and the mobile app.

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In Payroll, employee's can receive a preview of their upcoming payslip. Payroll officers can release these previews by sending an email while drafting their pay runs, and the employees will be sent a payslip preview PDF in email. Once released, the employees can also see the preview in their mobile app.

How it works

Payroll officers and any admin with permission to edit pay runs can send payslip preview emails. To do this, there a few steps involved.

Emailing Upcoming Payslip Previews

First, you should have already created a draft pay run.

Note: Upcoming payslips can only be sent and viewed while in draft mode. If the pay run is posted, then the payslip is marked as a past payslip and will appear in employees' mobile app once a payroll officer emails the official payslips after posting the pay run.

Once you have a draft, you will see a button that allows you to email payslip previews. You can do it in bulk on the Pay Run page, or you can choose an employee's payslip and email only their payslip preview to them.

Email payslip previews in bulk on a Draft Pay Run

Email a payslip preview for a single employee

Viewing An Upcoming Payslip Preview

Email PDF Attachment

Once emails are sent, employees will receive an email which provides a link to view the PDF.

Note: This is the same link a payroll officer can use to preview an employee's payslip file (found on an individual employee's payslip page)

Mobile App

After sending the email, the upcoming payslip preview is also released on the mobile app for viewing. A notification will display at the top of the Overview page which provides a link to view their upcoming payslip.

The link will take the employee to the Payslips mobile app page. An employee can also visit this page manually by going into their mobile app Profile and navigating to the Payslips tab.

The employee can then click "View Payslip" and will be able to preview their upcoming payslip details. A notice lets them know that this is only a preview and not their final payslip.

Re-sending Upcoming Payslip Previews

Upcoming payslip preview emails can be re-sent as many times as you want before a pay run is posted.

Note: The mobile app upcoming payslip preview will always show the most updated version. Sending a payslip preview email will send an updated PDF version to the employee.

So, re-sending an email is still worthwhile if you have made changes to the pay run and/or an employee's payslip to alert them of the update.


Emails are not sending

Please make sure that the email provided by the employee is the correct email to be sending to.

Reach out if there continues to be a problem.

Employee can't see their upcoming payslip in the mobile app

In order to see the upcoming payslip, a payroll officer must have released the preview while in the corresponding draft pay run. Please make sure that the upcoming payslip the employee is expecting to see is the correct payslip and corresponds to the correct in-draft pay run.

If the corresponding pay run is posted, then the upcoming payslip is no longer viewable as an "upcoming payslip." Instead, it will appear as a "Past Payslip." If the payslip is not appearing in the "Past Payslips" section, the employee must wait until a payroll officer has emailed their posted, official payslip.

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