Time Off Types

Import, create, and link time off types in Payroll

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What are time off types?

Time off types are different options employees can select when taking time off. These can have unique balances and accrual rates. Most accounts start with 5 preset time off types:

  • Family and Medical Leave

  • Leave Without Pay

  • Maternity Leave

  • Paid Sick Leave

  • Vacation

More time off types can be added in Time & Attendance > Compliance > Time Off Types > +New Time Off Type

Access time off types

Access time off types through Payroll > Payroll Settings > Time Off Types.

Import time off types from Workforce

If leave types already exist in Workforce, import them straight to Payroll.

  1. Navigate to Payroll Settings > Time Off Types in Workforce

  2. Click the Import button

  3. Review the Time Off Types being imported and click the Import button

Once all leave types have been imported to Payroll, ensure the reporting settings are configured correctly, including:

  • Account

  • If it accrues leave

  • If it's included in weighted overtime calculation

Create a new Time Off Type

Navigate to Payroll > Payroll Settings > Leave Types and click the + New button.

When creating a new leave type, enter the following fields:

  • Name (match this to the export name on the leave type in Workforce)

  • Payroll account (choose from any accounts set up in your journal)

Use the tick boxes to confirm if the time off type:

  • Accrues leave

  • Is included in the weighted OT calculation

Click the Create button once finished to save the new leave type.

Link time off created in Payroll to Workforce

Once a new leave type has been created in Payroll, map it to the corresponding leave type in Workforce:

  1. Navigate to Time Off > Time Off Types in Tanda

  2. Click Edit next to the relevant leave type

  3. Select the leave created in Payroll under the Export Name drop down menu

  4. Click the Update leave type button at the bottom of the page


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