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Learn the process of paying your staff, from approving timesheets to emailing payslips.

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Finalize timesheets in Workforce

At the end of each pay cycle, ensure all timesheets for the period are finalized. This includes:

  • Approving timesheets

  • Approving or declining leave requests

  • Ensuring all staff have bank and superannuation details submitted

Once timesheets have been finalized, navigate to the Timesheets tab and click the Preview Export button.

Review any export errors or warnings, confirm total hours and wages, and click the Export to Payroll Software button.

Once successful, you’ll see a confirmation screen, and can navigate to Workforce Payroll. If there are any errors, the screen will list out what went wrong/needs to be fixed.

Post a pay run

Navigate to Payroll > Run Payroll to view your exported timesheets. The summary will include:

  • Period

  • Payment Date

  • Pay Group

  • Earnings

  • Tax

  • Net Pay

  • Status

To post a pay run:

  1. Select the relevant pay run (indicated by the Draft status)

  2. Review details of the pay run including earnings and taxes

  3. Correct any errors that may display (e.g. missing bank details)

  4. If paying staff for the first time, ensure leave balances and deductions are configured

  5. Click the Post Pay Run button once finalized

Email payslips

Once a pay run has been posted, the option to Email Payslips will become available.

Clicking this button will send an electronic copy of an employee's payslip to the email listed on their profile in Workforce.

Once payslips have been sent, a confirmation message will appear at the top of the pay run.

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