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Uploading Bank Details & W-4 Details

As an employee, you can upload all of your own information to get set up on Workforce Payroll!

Updated over a week ago

Employees can update their own W-4 and bank details in the mobile app. In order for your employees to be able to update the information on their own, the Employee Self Service Dashboard must be enabled in Settings > Feature Management.

To upload the bank details as an employee first, open the mobile app and click on the profile in the top right of the page

From There Select the Bank Acct. & Payroll option

In the Bank Acct. & Payroll section, users can select the +Add Bank Account option where they will be asked to upload the following information:

  • Full name (Legal Name)

  • Account Number

  • Routing Number

Once that is set up, the Payroll Officer of your Workforce account will receive a notification that your details have been updated.

Then navigate back to the Profile page and select Tax Forms

Then, in the W-4 Tax Forms option, users will be prompted to +Add where they will find fields to fill out their:

  • Social security Number

  • Filing Status

  • Multiple Jobs or Spouse Works (optional)

  • Claim Dependent or Other Credits (optional)

  • Other Income (optional)

  • Deductions (optional)

  • Extra Withholdings (optional)

For more information on what these specific fields mean, please go to our W-4 Tax Forms help guide.

Once you have uploaded all of that information your Payroll Officer will be notified and you will be set up to start getting paid on Workforce Payroll.

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