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POS Syncing Incorrect Data
POS Syncing Incorrect Data
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If the sales data from your POS is different in Workforce, than your POS system, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of fixing incorrect POS sales, ensuring that your data reflects the actual transactions accurately.

Please note that the following steps are provided as general guidance, and specific actions may vary depending on your POS system and setup.

Step 1: Reimport Data

If the data you are seeing is incorrect, it is possible the data has been changed (refunds etc) in your POS system, but has not been re-synced in Workforce. Your first step here should be to reimport data for the last 30 days.

This can be done by going to the settings cog wheel in the top right < integrations < pos integrations. Then click the edit button on the POS integration, and click the red “import data from last 30 days” button.

This can take a while, so the changes are most likely not going to appear immediately.

Step 2: Check Location Timezones

Ensure that the locations associated with your POS system have the correct timezones in Workforce. Timezone discrepancies can lead to incorrect timestamps on sales transactions, affecting the accuracy of your data.

This can be changed by going to workforce < teams < location < edit < show advanced options.

Step 3: Verify POS System is Connected

Sales will only be pulled through if your POS integration is connected. To check this, go to the settings cog wheel in the top right < integrations < pos integrations.

If your POS is connected, you will see this:

If not, it will need to be reconnected.

Step 4: Validate Data stream Setup

Data streams can be found in the integrations page and clicking on ‘Manage Data streams’.

Each data stream has a certain team/location that it is joined to, so on the data stream, it will need to have the organisation, location, and department added.

If the data stream is for a full location, every department in that location should be added.

Step 5: Check Sales Types (Net/Gross)

Sales transactions in your POS system may be categorised as net or gross, which can be shown on the POS system on the ‘Integrations’ page. Ensure that the sales types are correctly configured to match your POS system's settings.

Step 6: Reimport Data Again

Once all of the steps above have been completed, you can re-import data for the last 30 days. This can be found in the POS integrations < edit page.

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