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Clock in Blocked Error
Clock in Blocked Error
Updated over a week ago

If you are being blocked from clocking in, the reason why should appear underneath the clockin button:

If you are unsure what the reason means, or are not seeing any reason, here are the list of possible reasons and what they mean / how to resolve them:

Missing Camera or Location Permission

Check that Camera and (access your) Location permissions are enabled in your device settings for the Workforce / Tanda App.

Too Early

This means your account has a shift question setup to block staff from clocking if they are too early for their scheduled shift. Check what time you are scheduled for, or let a manager know, so they can check the clock in early threshold.


This error means your account is setup to block clockins if you are clocking outside of your location radius. Make sure you are within the radius of the location of the shift you are clocking in for.

Too late

This is for the same reason as ‘too early’ above, but you are clocking in too late for your scheduled shift.

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