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Export Hours Different to Timesheet Hours
Export Hours Different to Timesheet Hours
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If the total hours in your export file or summary are different that the hours shown in the timesheets, check the following things:

Check all shifts to be exported are approved

Pending shifts will not be exported to payroll. If the timesheet appears as green, this means that all shifts up until now are approved. If there is also a tick mark on the right side, it means it is ready to export.

Check all awards and leave types have an export name. When awards apply to hours of a shift, they will appear in the export summary or file as the name of their export name.

The export name will appear in brackets next to the award name:

If the award has no export name, then it will not be exported.

Check you are exporting the correct timesheets

If the hours are still not matching, check you are exporting timesheets for the correct period, the correct tags and correct teams.

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