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Staff Cannot Pick up Vacant Schedules
Staff Cannot Pick up Vacant Schedules
Updated over a week ago

Staff not being able to pick up a vacant shift can be due to a few reasons:

Vacant schedules must be in the future

Vacant shifts can only be claimed if they are in the future, so if a user cannot claim a vacant shift from yesterday, that’ll be why!

User may have an existing shift on the same day:

A user will not be able to claim a vacant shift if:

  • They are already working on that day.

  • They have an approved leave request on that day that overlaps with the vacant shift.

  • They have an unavailability or rostered day off that overlaps with the vacant schedule.

Picking up the vacant shift, may cause one of the roster validations to fail:

If any of the rota validations above in the rota settings are set to be ‘blocking’, then the vacant shift can not be claimed if it would break one of the blocking validations.

For example, if the user is allowed a maximum of 30 hours in a given week, the vacant shift cannot be claimed if it would put the user over that.

The vacant schedule has not been published

To check if the vacant shift has been published correctly, it must have a blue dot in the top right corner.

If the dot is green, then it has not been published, and you will need to delete it and put it through again.

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