Leave Year Start Date Guide

Learn about how to add a Leave Year Start Date and how to use it

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The Leave Year Start on the account will set the year range that all users’ leave balances will span across.

Setting a new LYSD:

To set the Leave Year Start Date on your account: Navigate to setting > all settings > Leave Settings. Near the end of this page, there is a section to add in the start date:

Add in your chosen date and click submit at the bottom.

Alternatively, this can be done on the Leave Balance Report.

Applying this to Balances:

Once the Leave Year Start Date has been added to the settings, you will need to generate the Leave Balance Report. To do this go to reports > Leave Balance Report.

The report may already be generated if you added the LYSD in the leave settings but if not, add it here:

And click update settings and the report will be generated.

This report when generated will show all user’s leave balances in one report, for the current year and previous years.

Staff Balances with a Leave Year Start Date:

Now your account has a leave year start date, staff leave balances can be seen now like this:

Add their starting balance for the beginning of the year, reload the page, and the user’s current will be calculated for the year.

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