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Nourish Care Integration
Nourish Care Integration

Learn how to integrate Workforce with Nourish Care

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Nourish Care Integration

This article will help you get started with integrating your Nourish Care application with

Workforce has a live integration with Care Management System, Nourish Care. The integration works by:

  • Syncing new employee data

  • Syncing updated employee data

  • Archiving deactivated staff

This article will take you through the necessary steps to configure staff profiles, creating 'Platform Objects' to store mandatory information required for the integration and integrating both platforms.

Setting up Employees in Workforce

There are several mandatory fields that are required to establish the integration with Nourish which will need to be added in Workforce. These are:

​Name: Employees first and last name
​Email: Employees email address

Role: This will be considered as the employees 'Role' in Nourish

Follow the below steps to ensure all mandatory fields are added for the integration.

1. Name

To add/update the employees name, go to 'Workforce' > 'Staff' > 'Employee' > 'Personal' tab:

2. Email

To add/update the employees email, go to 'Workforce' > 'Staff' > 'Employee' > 'Personal' tab:

Enter the employees email and ensure to press the blue 'Update Employee Details' button to save the changes.

2. Role

As Workforce does not store an employees role information natively, you will be required to create a field to store this information through 'Customise'/(Previously 'the Platform) using a 'Platform Object'. 'Customise' can be found under 'Settings' on the blue navigation toolbar:

Platform Objects

To create the object that stores the 'Role' information, press the 'Create your first Platform Object ' button (or '+' if you have created objects in the past), from here you will be able to configure the fields for the object. An example of this is displayed below:

Step 2.1: Define new platform object

Name: Role

Step 2.2: Add fields to the new Role platform object

Name: Role

Visible To: Choose who this field is visible to (typically Admin & Managers)

Type: Text

Editable By: Choose who this field can be edited by (typically Admin & Managers)

Required: Choose whether this field is required

Once the Field has been created, a secondary field will appear in step 1 'Primary Field':

Choose the name of the Custom Field you have just created - (eg 'Role').

Your form should now look like this:

Remember to click 'Create Object' on the bottom right hand corner to save this object.

Step 2.3: Link 'Role' platform object to Employee Profile

Once the new Object has saved, you will need to link it to the 'Employee Profile'. To do so, select 'Employee Profile' on the left toolbar:

Go to 'Link Existing Objects as Fields' and complete the form:

Name: Role

Visible to: Choose who the field is visible to

Object: Select 'Role'

Editable By: Choose who the field is editable by

Press the green 'Add' button and the form will automatically save.

Step 2.4: Enter 'Role' information

After refreshing your page, you will notice a new object under 'Workforce':

This is the Custom Object you created in Step 1. By selecting 'Roles', you will now be able to add all of your Roles into Workforce:

To add a Role

Simply click '+ New Role' or 'New Role', which will redirect you to enter the information:

Don't forget to select 'Create Role' after entering each title individually. All 'Roles' will display in a list similar to the below:

Step 2.5: Assigning Roles to Employees

Once the Roles have been created, you will now need to assign the relevant title to the individual employee. To do so, go to Workforce > Staff > Employee > 'Additional' tab:

Choose the employee's job title from the 'Role' drop down:

Establish Integration in Workforce

To create a new integration with Nourish, go to 'Settings' > 'Integrations':

In the top right corner, click on + New Payroll Integration:

Select 'Nourish':

Click on 'Connect to Nourish':

Configure Settings

When integrating with Nourish, there are a handful of fields which need to be filled in order to establish the integration:

  • Custom Name: Add an identifiable name for the integration

  • Applies to: Select which Location/Pay Group the integration applies to or, choose 'Everyone'

  • Token: The 'token' can be entered in Nourish. See steps below to add the 'token' to Nourish.

Add 'Token' in Nourish

Workforce will create a 'token' which is used to authorise the connection between the two applications. To add the

To add the Token to Nourish:

  • Settings > Extensions

  • Locate 'Workforce' in the list of extensions available

  • Enable the toggle on

  • Enable the toggle on each individual unit you wish to sync data for

    • For each Unit in Nourish, a separate token will be required.

  • Click the pen symbol, which will expose a field for the 'token'

  • Copy the token from Workforce and add to the 'Token' field in Nourish

Please note, a new integration must be established for each 'Unit' which exists in Nourish. For example, if you have 3x 'Units' in Nourish, you would be required to create 3x integrations in Workforce for the respective 'Units'.


By following the steps above, you would have been able to successfully:

  • Establish the integration to Nourish via Workforce

  • Enable the integration to Workforce via Nourish

  • Ensure all mandatory fields capture the relevant information for staff

Going forward, the following actions will take place:

  • A new employee created in Workforce will create a new 'Carer' in Nourish

  • An updated employee in Workforce will update the same information to the 'Carer' in Nourish

  • Deactivating an employee in Workforce will archive the 'Carer' in Nourish


How often does the integration between Workforce and Nourish occur?

Once the integration has been established, data will begin syncing and archiving will occur every hour, on the hour.

When a new employee is created in Workforce, what information is captured on the 'Carer' profile in Nourish?

Workforce will create the following information for a Carer profile in Nourish:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Role

When an existing employee is updated in Workforce, what information is updated on the 'Carer' profile in Nourish?

Workforce will update the following information on an existing Carer profile in Nourish:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Role

My employee information is not syncing from Workforce to Nourish, why?

If you notice that employee information is not syncing from Workforce to Nourish, ensure to check that:

  1. The integration in Workforce is established and the correct 'Token' has been entered from Nourish

  2. The integration in Nourish has been enabled

  3. The employee has:

    1. First and Last name

    2. Email

    3. Assigned 'Role'

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